VTL Trip Preparation: Essential Information for Travelling to Singapore

VTL Trip Preparation: Essential Information for Travelling to Singapore

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Since the introduction of the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL), many Singaporeans have been seizing the opportunity to travel overseas quarantine-free. However, to travel quarantine-free travel under the VTL, there are multiple requirements and documents that you need to show when travelling to Singapore. These can be quite a headache to keep track of, so here’s a helpful checklist to help you stay on top of things!

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For all travellers entering Singapore

Passport and relevant visas (if required)

Of course, one of the most fundamental documents you need is your passport. Take note that, apart from validity, you will also need to ensure that your passport has a clean travel history to be able to enjoy quarantine-free entry into Singapore. This means you must have stayed at a VTL destination for at least 7 days prior to your flight to Singapore. 

Speaking of flights, make sure to book the right flights! Only those marked with a VTL label are designated VTL flights that allow for quarantine-free entry!

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A completed SG Arrival Card

All travellers are required to submit their SG Arrival Card with an Electronic Health Declaration Form three days prior to their arrival in Singapore. Upon completion of the form, a QR code will be sent to you and is to be presented to immigration upon arrival.   

Proof of Vaccination

As the VTL scheme is only applicable to fully vaccinated individuals, proof of vaccination is required upon check-in and when arriving in Singapore. For Singaporeans, this would constitute displaying their “fully vaccinated” status on their TraceTogether or HealthHub application. Presenting vaccination certificates issued by Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) or Notarise portal would be deemed to be sufficient as well.

For foreign short-term visitors, the vaccination certificate you will need to present can be found here.

Pre-departure COVID-19 test result

COVID-19 Test

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All travellers entering Singapore via the VTL are required to take either a COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or professionally administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART) within two days prior to their departure. Only PCR tests taken at an internationally accredited or recognised medical facility will be recognised. The test certificate should contain the following details in English.

1. Name of the testing institution conducting the COVID-19 test
2. Type of test
3. A negative test result
4. Test date
5. Name of the traveller as indicated in his/her passport
6. At least one other detail of the traveller such as his or her date of birth, nationality, citizenship, passport number or national identity number.

Post-arrival Testing

With effect from 15 Mar 2022, Singapore no longer requires travellers to undergo a supervised self-swab ART within 24 hours of arrival. Instead, travellers can take an unsupervised ART and declare the results on this platform before proceeding with their own activities. This will apply to travellers arriving via the Malaysia-Singapore Land VTL and Indonesia-Singapore Sea VTL as well.

Long-Term Pass Holders and Short-Term Visitors

Vaccinated Travel Pass (For Short-Term Visitors only)

Foreign visitors who are travelling via the VTL will need to apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) on the SafeTravel portal. Regardless of whether travelling via land, sea or air, travellers are only allowed to apply for their respective VTPs between three to 60 days before their date of departure. For more information, check out the SafeTravel portal

Travel Insurance

covid-19 insurance

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All short-term visitors, regardless of vaccination or recovery status, are required to purchase travel insurance with a minimum coverage of S$30,000, including COVID-19 medical charges. 

The insurance must be bought prior to travelling to Singapore and can be from a Singapore-based or overseas insurer. An electronic or physical copy of the insurance would also be required to facilitate entry into Singapore.

As for long-term pass holders, it is highly encouraged for one to buy medical insurance with the appropriate coverage before entering Singapore as they will be responsible for their expenses should they develop symptoms or test positive within 14 days upon arriving. However, Work Permit, Training Work Permit, and S Pass holders will not be required to purchase one themselves as their employers should have done so prior to entering the country.


All VTL short-term visitors must download the TraceTogether mobile application on their mobile phones upon entry into Singapore. During your stay in Singapore, the application must be kept activated at all times for contact tracing and you will be required to upload all its data if you test positive for COVID-19 while in Singapore.

Alternatively, those who are unable to use a mobile device or are unable to download the application may obtain a TraceTogether token at $13 from the Singapore Visitor Centre at Orchard Gateway or from any community centre collection booths found islandwide. Similarly, you will need to surrender your token for contact tracing purposes should you test positive for COVID-19 while in Singapore.  

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Upon checking in for your VTL flight to Singapore, you must be able to present the following: 

a) Valid Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) for the specified period of entry into Singapore*
b) Valid passport or visa (if applicable) with a “clean” travel history
c) Digitally verifiable COVID-19 vaccination certificate
d) Negative pre-departure supervised ART or RT-PCR test
e) A mobile device with the TraceTogether app and profile installed*
f) Electronic or physical copy of travel insurance*

* For travellers who are not citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore only

With more VTLs opening up, ensure that you have the necessary documents in hand before making your way to our sunny shores of Singapore!

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