Tourists From Singapore Banned From Entering Italy Until 31 Jan 2022

Singaporean Tourists Banned From Entering Italy Until 31 Jan 2022

Singaporeans have to wait just a little bit longer to travel quarantine-free to Italy.

On Wednesday, 15 Dec 2021, the Italian Embassy in Singapore announced that Italy’s Health Ministry added Singapore and Brunei to its list of countries with high-risk COVID-19 infections. For this reason, Singaporean travellers can only enter Italy for work, studies, if they have a partner in Italy, or for health purposes, until 31 Jan 2022. 

That means Singaporeans who have booked or are considering a holiday trip to Italy anytime soon will have to reschedule their vacation. The Embassy has also shared that Singaporeans who are still allowed to enter Italy must self-isolate for 10 days at their declared address. The new rule will not affect Singaporean travellers who have connecting flights in Italy, provided they stay inside the airports.

Italy and Singapore opened their Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) on 19 Oct 2021, where both nationals are supposedly quarantine-free upon arriving at their destinations. Despite Italy’s adjustments to the VTL though, eligible travellers from Italy going to Singapore may still use the VTL quarantine-free. This will only change in case Singapore suspends the VTL. 

So far, Italy is the only country sharing a VTL with Singapore that has temporarily banned Singaporean leisure travellers from entering the country.

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Can Singaporeans get refunded due to cancelled VTLs?

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According to Singapore Air, if a customer’s flight is cancelled or the flight becomes a non-VTL flight, then the passenger will be eligible for a refund of his/her ticket. “This includes a waiver of cancellation fees. A refund will be accorded to the passengers’ original form of payment for unutilised portion(s) of their tickets (including non-refundable tickets),” SA added. 

If you booked a flight via Singapore Airlines, you may also refer to their Assistance Request form to be properly guided for the next steps. 

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Until this ban by Italy is lifted and Singaporeans are free to travel there quarantine-free again, let’s do our part in following health protocols and avoiding big gatherings as much as possible. It’s the fastest way we can help the cases go down!

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