15 of the Best Travel Shoes to Add to Your Travel Essentials

15 of the Best Travel Shoes to Add to Your Travel Essentials

Because you’re bound to do a lot of walking and exploring!

Any seasoned traveller would know that great-fitting shoes are essential for a lovely trip. After all, you’re bound to be walking around way more than you usually do. So yes, comfort should be a non-negotiable. The best travel shoes are built to fit well and last long, but of course, you have to factor in the type of trip you’re going to. That said, versatility in purpose and in style is also a must; you’ll surely be travelling to more than one type of place, or wearing more than one sort of outfit. And of course they have to look good — because hey — who wants to look tacky, am I right? 

Choosing your travel shoes might seem like something superficial, but as you go along, you’ll realise your footwear makes all the difference. That said, here are our top picks of the most comfortable walking shoes that’ll surely take you places! 

1. Superga Cotu Classic

In for a week full of walking but can’t quite commit to an actual running shoe to match your OOTDs? Then the Superga Cotu Classic is your best bet. It comes in different colours and fabrics — from the standard white canvas to beige suede and metallic silver. Regardless of your style, taste, and gender, these travel shoes go well with almost any look you can think of! 

2. Adidas Stan Smith

Arguably the holy grail of white sneakers, the Adidas Stan Smith has definitely come a long way from being just a tennis shoe. With these travel shoes, you can take on anything from a whole day of sightseeing to an impromptu hike. Aside from the classic leather, it also comes in other variants like knit, velcro strapped, double soled, and even quilted. Either way, it’s enough to top off any travel OOTD. 

3. Sperry Seacoast Canvas Sneaker

For something on the more nautical-dressy side, the Sperry Seacoast Canvas Sneakers are a cross between preppy boat shoes and your usual white canvas pair. It’s great for those who aren’t exactly into streetwear but still want the comfort of sneakers. These travel shoes feature breathable nylon canvas and removable footbeds. In fact, the latter feature is ideal for those who use orthotic insoles, as to have additional cushioning and arch support. 

4. Clarks Desert Boots

Clarks Desert Boots are a wardrobe staple for many globetrotters. With its rugged silhouette, clean lines, earthy hues, and versatility, it’s hard to resist. Its decades-old style was inspired by the British World War II attire. And in fact, it was the go-to footwear for off-duty army officers during its early days! How cool is that?

These timeless travel shoes are also ideal for transitional weather, as they can withstand both humid heat and freezing winters. It comes in leather, beeswax, and suede materials. And should you opt for suede, just make sure to keep ‘em away from rain!

5. Everlane’s Heel Boot

The Heel Boot is the must-have travel shoes for the globetrotting fashionista. With its sleek finish, classic Chelsea boot style, and Italian leather material, these boots are definitely made for walking — yes, even long distances. The two-inch block heels are comfortable, but also give your look that much-needed flair. (Let’s be real — some travel OOTDs are just not as très chic without the right pair of boots.) And the best part? They’re quite easy to clean! 

6. Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flat

If you’re planning to invest in a pair of travel-friendly ballet flats (which you should!), then you might as well go for this pair. The Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flat combines effortless luxe and comfort — with its buttery soft leather, slip-resistant rubber sole, and multi-layered cushioning. Oh, and did we mention that they’re foldable and can easily fit in your handbag? These travel shoes also come in several colours and styles — from the classic tan, quilted leather, polka dots, to snakeskin embossment. 

7. Toms Clemente Slip-on

Image credit: Toms Official Website

Upon mentioning the brand Toms, the first shoe to come to mind would probably be their signature alpargatas. But for long-haul travels, the Clemente Slip-on is your best bet. Its lightweight canvas material comes with OrthoLite comfort insoles that fit your every step. Since it’s literally a slip-on shoe, it’s pure comfort food, especially for those dreaded airport inspections. And here’s a bonus —  these travel shoes are 100% vegan! 

8. New Balance 574

For travel shoes that go well with any streetwear look, New Balance 574 sneakers are always a good idea. Gone are the days when these running kicks were often associated with a 90s American dad-slash-tourist. It made a comeback early in the last decade, around the same time as the rise of athleisure — and it’s not going anywhere. Opt for a fresh neutral colour to complement the clean, classic design. And then let the rest of your outfit be as loud or chill as you want it to be. 

9. Adidas Ultraboost All Terrain LTD

Fresh-looking kicks that you can take from the streets to the trails? Don’t mind if we do! Aside from being all-weather running shoes, Adidas Ultraboost All Terrain LTD shoes are also perfect for almost any kind of adventure. From a whole day in Disneyland to a last-minute hike and street market-hopping. 

It features a stylish knit material with a water-repellent coating, and a high collar that acts as an ankle splash guard. Top that off with an all-terrain outsole for a superior grip, so you can definitely take on whatever challenge your adventure brings. It will allow you to literally step out in style, even in cities with the most unpredictable weather!

10. Birkenstock Arizona

On some days, you just want to let your feet breathe and take a break from closed shoes. But with travelling in the equation, sandals are not always a good idea, especially for long walks. Enter Birkenstock’s iconic Arizona sandals, which are especially perfect for tropical destinations and/or summer getaways

With its high-quality comfort and versatile vibe, it’s no wonder they’ve been a crowd favourite since the 1970s. Sure, they might not be ideal for sportier or fast-paced itineraries, but as far as city explorations go, these sandals can definitely take you places. If you want to take a laid back walk and stay chill, these travel shoes are your best bet. 

11. Keds Women’s Champion Originals

Travel Shoes

Image credit: Keds Official Website

This is for all the girls who have a hard time buying travel shoes because of #SmallFeetProblems. The Keds Women’s Champion Originals is especially perfect for petite frames, as it doesn’t make your feet look big! Oh, and did we mention that these iconic sneaks have been worn by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Taylor Swift?

With its style-neutral look, you can pair it with just about anything — from classic jeans, wide-leg pants, to flowy sundresses. It’s also quite low-maintenance, as it is easy to clean and has a flexible upper. Opt for white leather if you want something dainty-minimalist, or all-black if you want something edgier but just as comfy! 

12. Aerosoles Millstone

The Aerosoles Millstone combines the durability of sneakers with the fuss-free comfort of mules. It’s also a rather feminine-trendy twist to your usual travel shoes, as it comes in different designs. Take your pick among denim, snakeskin, and woven leather variants — these will surely help you stand out! 

Apart from aesthetic though, Aersoles shoes have always been known for maximum comfort. Each shoe features cushy memory foam footbed and padded insoles that can soothe even the most tired feet. 

13. Vans Old Skool

Image credit: Vans Official Website

The Old Skool is Vans’ quintessential skate shoes since it was first launched in 1977. These fresh-looking sneakers are often worn with über-casual pieces or streetwear. Although in recent years, we’ve seen others wearing these with crisp button-downs and summer dresses. So basically, it all boils down to how confidently you can pull it off! We obviously like travel shoes that allow us to mix the trendy and cool with the classic and functional.

14. Nike Epic Phantom React Flyknit

Travel Shoes

Image credit: Nike Official Website

Lace-free kicks in fresh colours and a stylish knit design? Don’t mind if we do!  That said, the Nike Epic Phantom React Flyknit is a lifesaver when you’re short on time. Some examples include: running to catch your tour bus (since you woke up late) and getting through airport security check quickly. 

And if you’re going to be running or brisk-walking a lot, might as well do it relaxed. These travel shoes come with a snug, sock-like fit that gives a barely-there feeling as you move around. Hence the ‘Phantom’ moniker. 

15. Onitsuka Tiger New York

The Onitsuka Tiger New York comes in stand-out colours, combined with a mesh and suede upper. This then gives it an edge among other travel shoes in a highly saturated market. Its multitone design is perfect for those who want a breath of fresh air from the usual white and other mono-hued designs. 

Unlike its more popular sibling, the Mexico 66, these sneakers feature thicker cushioning and outsoles — better fit for long walks around a foreign city. And of course, it comes with the brand’s heritage design that makes it a closet staple among trendsetters-slash-globetrotters. I mean, when you’re a shoe named after one of the most fashionable cities in the world, you gotta learn to walk the walk!

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Great shoes make for a great trip! Nothing like a reliable pair to help you do a lot of exploring, sans the aching feet. Which of these travel shoes is your go-to for your out-of-town adventures? Or better yet — which of these are you adding to your pre-trip shopping list? And if you recently bought a new pair, don’t forget to break them in beforehand. Till then, happy shoe shopping! 

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