Post COVID-19 Travel: SIA Resumes More Flights in June and July 2020

SIA and SilkAir Reinstate Flights for Select Destinations in June and July 2020

SIA and SilkAir plan to resume flights to select places in June and July 2020! Read on to find out more!

Travellers would be ecstatic to hear that Singapore Airlines (SIA) as well as SilkAir, its regional wing, plan to reinstate select flights in June as well as July 2020. SIA and SilkAir are looking to resume flights to more destinations.

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Amongst these reinstated scheduled services are flights to destinations such as Adelaide, Amsterdam, Auckland, Barcelona, Brisbane, Cebu, Christchurch, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Medan, Melbourne, as well as Osaka. SIA plans to not only resume flights to more destinations, but also to increase flight frequencies.

Nevertheless, SIA would be subjecting these flights to regulatory approval as well as changes. With reference to SIA’s website, SIA as well as SilkAir would continue to adjust their capacity. This is so as to effectively match international air travel demand along the way. 

Travellers whose flights had been cancelled by SIA or SilkAir can rest assured as SIA reiterated that they would retain the full value of the unused portion of their tickets as flight credits. Travellers can utilise these credits to book new travels up until 31 Dec 2021.

Moreover, SIA has waived rebooking as well as no-show fees. This gives customers the opportunity to truly enjoy the full value of their flight credits. 

Furthermore, customers would also be awarded bonus flight credits when rebooking their flights. SIA remarked that “this is our way of thanking them for their support during this challenging period.”

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Amidst all the uncertainty, let us remain optimistic. Let us carry hope that we would be able to revisit the destinations on our travel wishlist very soon!

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