5 Frequently Asked Questions I Hate Every After a Solo Backpacking Trip

5 Frequently Asked Questions I Hate Every After a Solo Backpacking Trip

Were you really alone? Then who took your photos? I'm sick of hearing these questions.

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Backpacking solo is the most rewarding experience I have ever done — it’s truly a great accomplishment for myself. I got to set my own list of places to go to, got there at my own pace, made friends with other nationalities, lived like a local, ate delicious authentic food foreign to my tastebuds, and on top of these, I got to be FREE!

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To date, I have been to three countries and one local province all by myself and with great courage. Every time I catch up with my friends and colleagues, I am often asked with a set of questions I am honestly tired of making a response. No offense friends, but I’m actually sick of hearing these 5 FAQs every after a solo backpacking trip.

1. Were you really alone?

Like hello? It’s me. Only me. I wouldn’t put the hashtag #travelalone or #solobackpacking if I’m not in that situation. You want a proof? Look at my Instagram feed. Or to make things easier, just believe in me!

2. … then who took your photos?

This question turns out to be twins with the first one. It CONSTANTLY comes after it. Well, to answer that, I always leave them either with a statement or a question (depends on my mood), “Hmm, the locals.” or “Hmm of course, the locals?” with an eyeroll at the back of my head… while smiling.

3. On your next trip, can we go together?

YES and NO are having debates in my head when this question pops out. Like NO to many, and YES to really, really few ones.

4. Where are you heading next?

Being a college student, dependent on my parents, this question should be thrown at a pro traveller. Like someone who has been gone vagabonding for quite a long time, say 2 months at least. Not to an amateur and rookie like me.

5. How much did you $pend?

Admittedly, this is not that annoying to hear. It’s actually quite fulfilling especially when they ask about my well-budgeted travels. It’s safe to say that if I ask about your school allowance, you surely will have second thoughts of answering, right?

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With this in mind, I wholeheartedly want to say sorry to those who had asked me the 5 questions above. FYI friends, this question sounds a lot more sensible and interesting to me: “How will you compare this recent adventure to other solo backpacking trips you’ve done before?”

How about you? What questions do you usually get when your friends ask about your travels?

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