10 Brilliant Responses When People Ask Why You Travel So Much

10 Brilliant Responses When People Ask Why You Travel So Much

"I am on the run."

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If you have itchy feet and love to travel, you will no doubt already have been asked why you travel so much. Your constant need to get out there and explore is often seen as something of a curiosity. You probably have your own reasons but if you have had trouble articulating those reasons in the past, here are ten brilliant responses to that question.

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1. I am on the run

This one could raise some eyebrows. You can then go on to explain that you are not a fugitive. You can say that you are not on the run from, you are on the run to. You are running towards your future full tilt, seeking the squeeze every little bit of life out of your existence.

2. I am looking for adventure

Adventure is all about finding new experiences, getting the heart pumping and the mind racing. It is about truly living. Nothing can make you feel more alive than a real travel adventure, one to share with your grand-kids in the years to come.

3. I’ve seen better, I’m still looking for best

The more you travel, the more you see that there are so many wonderful things in the world. It can be difficult to settle for something great when you can see that there could always be something better just round the next corner. Travel can sometimes simply be about a quest for perfection.

4. I travel because I can

Sometimes, the answer may just be as simple as that. If you live in a first world country, chances are, with some sacrifices, you can afford to travel. Why wouldn’t you travel and see the wonders of our world when you can? Perhaps you should ask.

5. Heaven is other people

There is nothing more wonderful than meeting strange, beautiful, good, generous people that are found in abundance all over the world. A huge part of the joy of travel is meeting all the many different characters you can meet.

6. The road is always calling

Our planet is huge. There is always some other amazing part of it you have yet to see. For some of us, there is a siren song, sung by places just beyond the horizon. We cannot help but answer that call and head out to find out where our feet will carry us off to next.

7. I have a thirst for knowledge

Nothing teaches you lessons in life like travel. When you travel, you are constantly learning about the world, about other people and also about yourself. Travel can teach you how to really live and be a better person.

8. My best self is always one step ahead

Travel makes you a better person. Why would you give up on self-improvement? Life is all about being the best person you can be, from your own personal character to the ways in which you interact with the world. When you travel, you are always chasing a better you.

9. I want to see the world before it is too late

Our world is wonderful and it is under threat. Humanity is on a slippery slope. Travel really allows you to see the best and worst in people and helps you determine to do something to save our planet from the threats it faces. And also before you run out time. After all, life is short and no time is better than now.

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10. There’s no place like home

But home is not one small piece of dirt. Home is this planet which we all call home. As global citizens, those who travel see the whole world as home, and they want to enjoy and appreciate that home to the fullest.

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