New Eco-Friendly Resort Using Upcycled Buses to Open in Changi in 2023

New Eco-Friendly Resort Using Upcycled Buses to Open in Changi in 2023

Is this the future of sustainable tourism?

Singaporeans may soon find an even more unique staycation option right in their backyard! According to reports, Changi Village will soon be home to a brand new eco-friendly resort park; Changi bus resort, with rooms that are made from upcycled and refurbished public buses!

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A first in Southeast Asia to use upcycled buses as guest rooms, The Changi Bus Resort will use 20 decommissioned public buses to create a vibrant and homey stay for guests. 

Parked next to Changi Village Hawker Centre, The Changi Bus Resort sprawls over 8,600 square metres of land. It features upcycled public buses bought from public transport provider SBS. From what we know, each room will come with a barbecue pit, yoga, pilates, and other wellness programs, paving the way to making Singapore a more eco-friendly tourist destination. 

After all, it’s been promised that the project will have a limited effect on the ecosystem. Likewise, the development of The Changi Bus Resort is veering away from uprooting any mature trees surrounding the site. 

While we are still some way off from seeing the completed project, the groundbreaking ceremony was held on 28 Aug 2022. It was officiated by Maliki Osman, Second Minister for Education & Foreign Affairs. 

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Hopefully, when it finally opens, Singaporeans will be able to enjoy an even more unique staycation, punctuated by visits to nearby attractions like Changi East Boardwalk. As well as Changi Chapel & Museum and foodie trips to Changi Village Hawker Centre

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