Qatar Airways Is Giving Back To Frontliners With 100,000 FREE Tickets!

Qatar Airways Is Giving Back To Frontliners With 100,000 FREE Tickets!

Tell your medical frontline friends to register if they're interested!

You read that right! As a way of expressing their gratitude to professional health workers fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, Qatar Airways will give free round-trip tickets to 100,000 medical frontliners from across the world. 

These complimentary tickets are applicable to the following healthcare professionals: doctors, nurses, paramedics, lab technicians, clinical researchers, medical practitioners, and pharmacists. Among the perks for healthcare professionals is a 35% discount at Qatar Duty-Free outlets at the state-of-the-art hub, Hamad International Airport in Doha.

Qatar Airways will not only give each healthcare professional a two-way ticket, but will also offer complimentary tickets to one companion for each frontliner. However, if the healthcare professional is unable to travel, then his/her companion will not be allowed to check in. 

The registration for this travel deal is ongoing and will end on 18 May 2020, or until tickets run out. Register and find out more details here!

Do note that the travel period is set until the latter half of the year, from 26 May to 10 Dec. 2020. After all, right now isn’t the best time to travel internationally, so you’ve got until December of this year to make travel happen. Destinations that are available for this travel deal include countries in Asia, Africa, America, the Middle East, and Europe. Learn about the specifics here

Most importantly, Qatar Airways strictly reminds healthcare professionals to present their original medical identification at the airport check-in desk; otherwise, boarding will be denied. 

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This is truly a generous gesture from Qatar Airways and we hope all our medical frontliners will finally get the holiday they deserve after this pandemic has come to an end. If you have friends at the frontline who love travel, tag them on this post!

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