Conquering the Treacherous Piz Palu — Would You Dare?

Conquering the Treacherous Piz Palü

Would you dare climb its summit?
Piz Palu

Image credit: Renate Dodell

Even though it is hot and humid in Southeast Asia, you can still feel the extreme cold just by looking at the photo above! These daredevil mountaineers have survived and conquered the treacherous Piz Palü, a mountain of the Bernina Range, located between Switzerland and Italy.

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Reaching the summit is no easy feat! Although it is recommended to climb the mountain during summer (June-September), it is still covered by ice all year round, making it difficult to see the danger ahead.

Image credit: Renate Dodell

Piz Palü is also known for being featured in the German epic silent film, “The White Hell of Pitz Palu” (1929), one of the most successful works of renowned mountain film director Arnold Fanck. The movie depicts a man who loses his wife and searches for her body while climbing the 3,901m mountain. It was praised for its breathtaking cinematography which captured both the beauty and the danger of Piz Palü.

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