A ‘Digital Nomad Visa’ for Indonesia Is Currently in the Works

Indonesia Plans to Introduce a ‘Digital Nomad Visa’ for Destinations Like Bali

Working remotely from one of the country’s many tropical paradises? Count us in!

The digital nomad way of life has always been an enticing idea among many avid travellers. In recent years, more and more countries have launched visas that cater to freelancers and remote workers. And it looks like a Southeast Asian country might soon be joining this roster! 

A digital nomad visa for Indonesia is currently in the works, as part of their government’s efforts to boost tourism. After all, the country has no shortage of destinations — Bali, for starters — that would attract such travellers from around the world. 

What we know so far about the Indonesia digital nomad visa

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This special nomad visa for Indonesia will allow holders to live in the country tax-free, as long as their income is from companies based overseas. What’s more, they can stay for up to five years — making it one of the longest validity in the world. 

However, the visa is not yet completely approved, as of writing. It is currently in the final stages of preparation, including its list of countries and other criteria for eligibility. This permit is expected to bring in higher-spending visitors and boost the country’s economy through a spike in tourism. 

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According to Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno, this upcoming Indonesia digital nomad visa is part of their efforts towards a more sustainable tourism model. “In the past, the ‘three S’s’ were sun, sea, and sand. We’re moving it to serenity, spirituality, and sustainability,” he said during a press briefing. He also promised faster visa approvals and more frequent inbound flights upon launching.  

The Indonesian government is also prioritising the development of five tourist spots, in order to reduce the country’s overreliance on Bali for international tourism. These “5 new Balis” are a mix of destinations and specific attractions, namely: the Borobudur temple compounds; Mandalika resort area; Lake Toba; Labuan Bajo; and Likupang Beach

Alternative visa options for remote workers and freelancers

Travellers will have to wait until this special visa is approved in order to stay in Indonesia longer and hassle-free. In the meantime, there are existing alternatives for a digital nomad visa in Bali and other destinations! 

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There’s the Special Visa on Arrival (VoA), which allows visitors from select countries to stay for up to 30 days, with the option to extend for another 30 days. Those who hold a passport from an ASEAN country can also enter via the Visa Exemption Facility. Click here to know more. 

There is also the Business Visa, where the maximum duration of stay can be extended up to 180 days. The catch? Most visitors who are staying longer are likely to be required to pay Indonesia’s tax rates on income from overseas.

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