Paris Will Invest €250 Million to Become a Cycling City by 2026

Paris Will Invest €250 Million to Become a Cycling-Friendly City by 2026

Within the next five years, the City of Lights will be easier to explore on two wheels.

Step aside, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. There’s a new biking destination on our radar: Paris. Announced this week, a new cycling plan called Plan Velo: Act 2 is pushing to turn the capital of France into one of the most cycling-friendly cities in the world.

Under this new plan, the city of Paris plans to spend €250 million to improve bike infrastructure, increase the number of protected cycling lanes, and create additional bicycle parking spaces for cyclists. These developments are part of the ambitious plan to turn Paris into a “100% cyclable city” by 2026.

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How Paris will soon become entirely navigable by bike

Plan Velo: Act 2 will create 180km of segregated bike lanes in Paris, making it easier for bikers to navigate the City of Lights. Within the next five years, the city hopes to develop cycling routes that will link the entire metropolis so that cycling in the French capital is possible from end to end.

Along with the improvements to the city’s bike infrastructure and facilities, the €250 million plan will also introduce pro-cycling initiatives to ensure safe and comfortable journeys for bikers. These include securing intersections, identifying blind spots, and clearing out the snow from cycling paths on the road.

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While Paris plans to increase the number of bicycle parking areas throughout the city, more than 70% of car parking spaces will be removed to prioritise the safety of pedestrians. A total of 130,000 more secure parking spaces for bikers will be added, including 40,000 parking spaces near train stations and 30,000 parking stands with 1,000 spaces reserved for cargo bikes.

Read the city’s full 2021–2016 cycling plan here.

Towards a more bike-friendly culture in Paris

Paris Invests €250 Million to Become a Cycling-Friendly City by 2026

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Aside from providing extra facilities for cyclists, Paris is hoping to encourage cycling tourism and improve the general attitude of Parisians towards biking. Each of the city’s 20 arrondissements will conduct self-repair bike workshops. Meanwhile, young Parisians will be encouraged to learn how to ride a bicycle as early as elementary school.

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Ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, it looks like the capital is well on its way to becoming a haven for cyclists. How would you like to pedal along the fashionable avenues of Paris someday?

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