How to Up Your Trip-Planning Game With Cubby — Ascott’s New AI-Powered Chatbot!

How to Up Your Trip-Planning Game With Cubby — Ascott’s New AI-Powered Chatbot!

Meet your new travel buddy.

Planning a dream getaway is incredibly fun and exciting…most of the time. Sometimes, planning a trip can be as complex as navigating a foreign city. If the thought of ploughing through videos on TikTok, or the never-ending list of to-dos before the trip is what’s standing between you and your ideal vacation, let Ascott’s new travel buddy, Cubby, weave your travel dream into a viable itinerary!

Cubby is a brand-new, AI-powered chatbot created by Ascott to help you with your travel plans. Let’s put this cute little bot to the test. Join me (and Cubby) as it helps me plan the ultimate Euro trip.

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How to plan an incredible trip to Europe with Cubby!

1. Plan your itinerary

Pro tip: Keep the questions as specific as possible. This is a good practice to keep in mind when using any AI-driven platform.

Follow me as I get Cubby to plan my first trip to Europe. Apart from the destination, I also included some basic information like my preferred duration of stay i.e. – seven days and six nights and the destinations I would like to visit, namely Paris, London, and Amsterdam.

Having seen and heard so much about Europe on social media, I’m looking forward to visiting the Eiffel Tower most of all! Did you know that the Eiffel Tower can only be painted by hand? It’s only done once every seven years by 50 painters!

Cubby provided me with a list of attractions to check out, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, and the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. More excitingly, it included some hidden gems I’ve never even heard of before – Atomium in Brussels and Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin.

Cubby prompt: Could you help me plan a 7 day 6 night trip to Europe please? I would like to visit the following destinations on my trip: Paris, London, and Amsterdam.

2. Ask Cubby how to make the most out of your trip

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One of the key areas in planning a trip is to find out how to get the most out of it. Cubby recommended signing up as an Ascott Star Rewards (ASR) member to enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards.

Some of these benefits include complimentary room upgrades, early check-ins, late check-outs and more. ASR members can earn and redeem points for stays at any ASR participating hotels and serviced residences worldwide.

Cubby prompt: How can I get the most out of my trip with Ascott Star Rewards?

3. Find out where to stay

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Being the butler of over 300 ASR participating hotels and serviced residences in more than 100 cities worldwide, Cubby is the best person (or machine) to recommend you the most suitable stay during your travel.

With only a 15 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower, one of the accommodations that Cubby recommended was Citadines Tour Eiffel Paris. The spacious apartment with fully equipped kitchenette also comes with free high-speed WiFi, weekly housekeeping services, launderette and more. 

Cubby prompt: Could you provide me with ASR participating accommodation options based on the travel itinerary that has been provided?

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4. Explore local transport options

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The best way to get around a foreign city is to be familiar with the local transport system for a smooth travel experience. Hence, I asked Cubby more about the transport options in Europe.

Cubby provided several modes of transport options, including trains, buses, metros , and even bicycles. Fun fact: ASR properties are always strategically located near to local public transport. for your convenience. For example, Citadines Kurfürstendamm Berlin is just a four-minute walk away from the Adenauerplatz U-Bahn station, La Clef Champs-Élysées Paris is a three-minute walk from George V underground station on Line 1.

Cubby prompt: Could you tell me more about local transport options that I can use in Europe, based on the itinerary that you have provided?

5. Ask Cubby for tips and tricks

Image credit: Ross Helen via Canva Pro

Finally, feel free to ask Cubby about any other information you’d like to know about your trip. Learning about the dos-and-don’ts of a destination goes a long way towards helping you fit in better while travelling.

Cubby gave me some tips on navigating Europe’s social scene like tipping in restaurants and the importance of learning some basic phrases. You can dive deeper and ask Cubby other questions about planning your ideal trip such as a packing checklist, or recommendations for activities that pique your interest.

Cubby prompt: Could you give me any advice or tips regarding dos and don’ts in Europe while visiting?

Dear fellow travellers, it’s pretty clear that Cubby is indeed a helpful companion to have around when it comes to planning your next big trip. Enjoy the benefits of being an ASR member and take advantage of Cubby to take away the hassle of trip planning! The next time you’re planning on fulfilling your sense of wanderlust, try giving Cubby (and Ascott) a chance at making your dream vacation a reality.

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