Paris Is Planning to Ban Through Traffic in the City Centre by 2022

Paris Is Planning to Ban Through Traffic in the City Centre by 2022

The scheme would cover four districts in the area.

Ever found yourself caught in a traffic gridlock while admiring the unparalleled beauty of the City of Lights? Things are about to change when you make a trip to the French capital for a much-needed post-pandemic getaway. The city council of Paris has tossed in the air a plan to ban traffic in the city centre by 2022

In what areas of Paris’ city centre will the ban on through traffic be effective?

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The scheme put forward would prohibit people from driving through four central districts in Paris’s city centre. According to Bloomberg, they include the area spanning Place de la Bastille and Place de la Concorde, the Marais district, and the majority of Left Bank’s Latin Quarter. A handful of Paris’ busiest quarters such as Champs Elysées and the shopping district of Garnier Opera House are excluded from the low-traffic zone, owing to the fact that they lie outside of it. 

However, the plan of action would not ban cars altogether. The following residents would still be able to access the area:

  • Hotel guests who are on a short-term stay
  • Persons with special needs
  • Vehicles used for public transit, deliveries, or services

In spite of that, the new rules would render driving across the city centre without stopping illegal. That accounts for about 55% (100,000 cars) of the total traffic passing through the area on a daily average.

All this would be done in a bid to give priority to cyclists, pedestrians, and public transport. It is “part of a movement to reclaim urban space dedicated to the car in favour of new, more user-friendly and less polluting uses,” the council says. In turn, the outcome will be a “less polluted, greener, more peaceful and safer city.”

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Other implementations already in place to make Paris a greener city

paris traffic ban

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When COVID-19 cut a swathe across Paris, Mayor Anne Hidalgo introduced 50 kilometres of cycling lane. The goal: Encourage citizens to engage the use of a safer mode of transportation amidst social distancing measures. Public transports, which experience a high number of commuters, were deemed as risky.

Recently, she confirmed that the temporary cycling lanes will become permanent well after the pandemic is over. 

Even before the virus struck, Paris was home to more than 1,000km of bike lanes. Additionally, the city has already banned diesel vehicles from the city centre to tackle air pollution. It is also in the midst of redesigning Champs-Elysees into a garden after hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics.

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With many green changes already in the pipeline for Paris, we look forward to visiting the city once travel resumes!

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