Nations Ban Travel From the United Kingdom Fearing Virus Variant

Nations Ban Travel From the United Kingdom Fearing Virus Variant

Canada, Italy, Germany, and the UAE are among the many nations that have imposed travel bans!

Canada, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and many countries in the European Union (EU) have banned travel from the United Kingdom (UK). These announcements come after the UK reported a new and more infectious coronavirus variant. 

According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the new variant has been spreading rapidly in London and south-east England. As a result, Christmas festivities like shopping and gatherings in England have been cancelled. 

Additionally, Johnson also imposed a stricter Tier 4 restriction level lockdown disrupting the Christmas plans of many in the country. 

How are countries in the EU responding?

Presently, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands imposed restrictions on UK travel. 

France banned all travel from the UK for 48 hours starting midnight on Sunday, 20 Dec 2020. This also includes trucks carrying cargo through the tunnel under the English channel or from the port of Dover on England’s south coast. French officials hoped this decision would buy time to evaluate the situation. 

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Germany banned all flights (except cargo flights) coming from Britain. Starting midnight on Sunday, these flights would not be allowed to land in Germany. Additionally, Belgium and Ireland also issued a 24 and 48-hour travel ban respectively. 

banned travel from UK

The Netherlands has also banned travel from the UK and is expected to last for the rest of the year. Similarly, Italy also said it would be blocking all flights from the UK until 6 Jan 2021. Additionally, Italy will also ban entry for all those who have been in the Uk for the past 14 days. 

Germany, the current president of the EU also called for a special crisis meeting to discuss the situation and coordinate the response to the virus news. 

What are the travel bans imposed by countries outside of the EU?

Beyond Europe, countries in the Middle East and North America have also imposed restrictions on UK travel. 

In addition to the UK, Israel has banned travel from Denmark and South Africa, stating that the mutation of the virus was found in those countries as well. The UAE has also suspended all international flights for a week stating similar concerns. 

banned travel from UK

In North America, Canada has banned travel from the UK by halting all incoming flights (except cargo flights) from the country. This will be followed for 72-hours starting midnight on Sunday. El Salvador will refuse entry to any individual who has been in the UK in the past 30 days. 

The wave of travel bans that have been imposed cut of the UK from many European, North American, and Middle Eastern nations. 

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Evidence studied by health officials has suggested that the new strain of the virus is not more deadly. There is also no proof that it would react differently to the vaccines. However, the variant is fast-moving and 70% more transmissible than the existing strains. 

Let’s hope the UK is able to contain the spread of this new strain of the virus and prevent an awful ending to what has been an unpredictable year. 

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