Tincan: Pop-up Restaurant in London Serves Canned Food Only

Tincan: Pop-up Restaurant in London Serves Canned Food Only

So you think eating canned food is unhealthy? Think again! A pop-up restaurant in London called Tincan serves only the finest and healthiest tinned seafood. Catch it before it’s gone!


If you think eating canned food (or tinned food) is unhealthy, think again! There’s an eccentric restaurant in London that serves only the finest and healthiest tinned seafood.

Tincan, a pop-up restaurant project, recently opened in London’s tony Soho neighbourhood. There’s no chef and kitchen – only high-end seafood in attractive tin cans. It claims to sell the “best tinned seafood in the world” from the Portuguese mackerel fillets to Icelandic smoked cod livers. Pick your favourite can and they’ll open it for you! Of course, your tinned food is served with basic side dishes like bread, salad, lemon, chilli, olive oil and parsley.

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The concept came after AL_A, a design agency, discovered a fish tackle shop turned restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal serving only tinned seafood. The team is clearly passionate about food and design and you can just tell from their awesome restaurant.

While eating tinned food is generally frowned upon, it doesn’t hurt to have this unique gourmet experience at least once in your life. Are you willing to shell out some cash to eat at this unique restaurant? Prices range from £7 (GBP – British Pound) (approx. SGD 14) to £22 (approx. SGD 45).

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Tincan will only operate in London for the next five months, so better catch it before it’s gone.

Address: 7 Upper James Street, London, W1F 9DH, United Kingdom

51.512274, -0.137552,7 Upper James Street, London W1F 9DH, United Kingdom

Image credits: tincanlondon

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