The Hidden Library of St. Paul’s Cathedral Is Now Available on Airbnb

Bibliophiles, the Hidden Library of St. Paul’s Cathedral Is Now Available on Airbnb

Booking dates open in a few days!

Book lovers, this one’s especially for you! Did you even know that there’s a Hidden Library in London’s famous St. Paul’s Cathedral? Thanks to Airbnb, not only will you get the chance to visit a historic secret sanctuary, but you’ll even enjoy the rare chance to spend the night in it! Hosted by BookTok’s influencer Abby Parker, this exclusive stay will be the first time someone has officially slept inside the historic landmark since World War II.

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A bookish itinerary in the Hidden Library Airbnb

hidden library st. paul's cathedral airbnb

For any book-loving traveller, stepping inside the Hidden Library or St. Peter’s Cathedral feels like getting transported into literary heaven. Home to over 22,000 books, the library invites visitors to browse an impressive specially curated collection ranging from timeless classics to the yet-to-be-released novels of renowned authors. 

The unforgettable experience begins with climbing the famous Geometric Staircase designed by Sir Christopher Wren himself. After settling into the hidden library’s bedroom, you’ll meet the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral and enjoy a private tour of the stunning cathedral that’s famous as an architectural marvel. 

hidden library st. paul's cathedral airbnb

But the highlight of this Airbnb remains the Hidden Library, of course! Book lovers will love spending the day poring over endless bookshelves and reading in this literary haven. As a bonus, you’ll even get the first crack at yet-to-be-released novels: Holly Jackson’s The Reappearance of Rachel Price, John Grisham’s Camino Ghosts, and Kevin Kwan’s Lies and Weddings

Plus, Airbnb guests enjoy access to the nooks, the reading room, and the library of St. Paul’s Cathedral. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience for bookworms!

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Book lovers will never forget this unforgettable experience

Book in hand, curl up in the charming reading room or a cosy nook, and let the magic of words whisk you away to a different world — at least for one night! Then as you drift off to sleep surrounded by literary treasures, you’ll know you’re living a true bookworm’s dream. 

The next day, scarf down a hearty breakfast before making the breathtaking climb to the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral — the perfect ending to this magical stay. Don’t worry; you won’t be leaving empty-handed. To commemorate this unique experience, you’ll even receive signed and stamped copies of the unreleased books you enjoyed!

hidden library st. paul's cathedral airbnb

This exclusive Airbnb stay for two adults costs only £7 (S$12), inclusive of breakfast and dinner. Mark your calendars: Bookings open on 12 Mar 2024 at 10am GMT (6pm SGT) on the Hidden Library Airbnb

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Don’t miss this chance to be part of history and get lost in a literary paradise at the Hidden Library of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. Remember: Pack your pyjamas with your love for books, and be ready to create some unforgettable #BookTok content!

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