NATAS 2016: More Than Just Great Travel Deals!

NATAS 2016: More Than Just Great Travel Deals!

With all categories of a well-done travel fair checked, NATAS 2016 is the one you'll never want to miss!

The much anticipated NATAS travel fair is back, and everyone coming is in for a treat – and no, I’m not talking about just awesome travel deals. On Friday morning, I arrived bright and early, anticipating yet another deal-grabbing, crowd-elbowing travel fair, but boy, was I surprised. Mark my words, NATAS has more than travel deals to offer. Read on and find out how to rock the travel fair like I did.

First surprise: The venue is perfect for accommodating large crowds! This is very important for the claustrophobic deal-hunting traveller. I could honestly spend hours here!

Educational and rich in variety – check!

Believe it or not, I actually saw a few teachers bringing a class of primary school students to the fair. The teachers were introducing the landmarks of different countries to the kids and I started to imagine how fun it would be if that was my geography class field trip. I definitely recommend parents to bring their children along as it makes a fun and educational weekend family outing.

Free performances – check!

It was a pleasure meeting these professional angklung players, as I have been missing traditional Indonesian music since my last trip to Bali a few years ago. There is a larger stage behind the Wonderful Indonesia’s booth, where they will be performing three times a day (1pm, 3pm and 5pm) this weekend. Be sure to grab this rare opportunity to enjoy the art, live and free!

Mini food fair to indulge your stomach – check!

From top left (clockwise): free chocolate drinks at Wonderful Indonesia, free wine tasting at In Vino Veritas and free Japanese Beef sampling at Wagyu (oh my god I was literally screaming when I saw this). And the best thing is, there is a place for you to sit down to enjoy your food and drinks. 

When it comes to food, it is always “the more the merrier”, at least for me. Enjoy your energy booster coffee at Slayer, spice up your day with some spicy dan dan noodle at Si Chuan Dou Hua, get a bite of Hiroshima-yaki while you are checking out some awesome Japan travel deals and have a tea break at Tea Valley.

Travel deals – check, check, check!

If you are up for exploring different options at great discount, NATAS is the place to go! Reputed travel agencies  – such as Albatross WorldJetabout Holidays and Scenic Travel – are all offering their latest travel packages at the fair. You definitely don’t want to miss this great chance to save most on your upcoming trip!

I hope you enjoyed reading this so far, and do check out NATAS travel fair this weekend. If you’ve never been to a travel fair, I encourage you to give it a tryyou will never regret!

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