Harry Potter Mask Reveals Marauder’s Map Upon Breathing

Creative Harry Potter-Inspired Mask Reveals Marauder’s Map Upon Breathing

Now this is a creative mask design that’s perfect for Hogwarts fanatics!

There’s no doubt that the Wizarding World inspired Colorado artist Stefanie Hook’s Harry Potter mask, which “magically” changes colour when it comes into contact with the wearer’s breath. Hook recently posted a TikTok video, showcasing her creative mask design. 

creative mask design harry potter changing colour mask

Image credit: CPEX Official Website

The video captured how her originally black mask (seen above) transformed into a rendition of the Marauder’s Map upon breathing.

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creative mask design harry potter changing colour mask

Image credit: CPEX Official Website

This has taken the world by storm, with avid Harry Potter fans scrambling to get their hands on this magical creation. 

The artist has since updated audiences with another informative video. This time, the footage shows what customers can expect when they receive their very own Harry Potter mask. Indeed living by its tagline “Imagination brought to life!”, Colorado Pony Express (CPEX) boasts of a catalog filled with quirky, fun products. The shop has a wide range of items on sale, from slime to hand-sewn plushies. 

Harry Potter-loving families would be ecstatic to hear that Hook’s Harry Potter masks come in several sizes, perfect for adults and children. To be clear, though, the company’s website confirms that these masks are not medical grade; but they were crafted following the guidelines of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in relation to hand-sewn masks.

What causes these masks to change colour?

While the hue-changing quality of these masks seems something straight out of Hogwarts, the answer is simple science. We expect the onset of 82 degrees F temperature to activate the colour change of these masks. This would mean that a person residing somewhere relatively warmer might not see his or her Harry Potter mask change back to its original black colour. Expect the mask to keep on revealing the Marauder’s Map until exposed to lower temperatures.

Though this Harry Potter mask has presently run out of stock, fear not, as supply will be replenished on 29 May 2020 at 5pm MDT. For more details, visit the Colorado Pony Express website.

Live your wizarding dreams today with your very own magical Harry Potter mask. As they say, “Mischief managed!”

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