Shibazakura - A Picturesque Scenery With Mount Fuji As Backdrop

Shibazakura – A Picturesque Scenery With Mount Fuji As Backdrop

From April through June, the Fuji Mountain is accompanied by a carpet of pink flowers known as Shibazakura. The picturesque scenery is one to behold.


The Fuji Shibazakura Festival is one of the most famous occasions to see the blanket fields of pink moss, with Mount Fuji as the backdrop during a clear day, producing a stunningly beautiful scenery to witness first hand. The festival is located within the Fuji Five Lake areas. Many tourists planned their holidays just in time to see these natural bouquet of pink flowers in full bloom.

The festival is held from mid April to early June. The peak season for tourists is usually the first three weeks of May, which is also the best time to see the flowers in various sizes, and different hues of pink. There will also be stalls selling pots of pink flowers and Shibazakura-themed souvenirs shops popping up near to the magnificent sight for you to take home a piece of this wondrous experience as remembrance.

Go in the morning and soak in the full extent of this natural flora and fauna beauty before throng of crowds in the afternoon starts spoiling your wonderful experience.

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