Crying Baby On The Plane Alert — Here's How To Block It All Out!

Crying Baby On The Plane Alert — Here’s How To Block It All Out!

Brace yourselves...


Is that a cute baby you see boarding the same plane as you? Well, the baby won’t be cute for long. Sooner or later it’s going to wail your plane into turbulence! Fine, that’s an exaggeration, but it’ll sure feel that way when all the bawling impedes your beauty sleep. You need only take one look at your surroundings to see that the other passengers are thinking the same thing too (their defeated glances towards that baby say it all!). 

The question is: Is there any way to avoid such cringe-inducing shrieks? Lucky for you, we’ve thought of a few hacks to keep your inner peace while stuck on a plane with a crying baby. Here are 10 tips to block out that baby on the plane!

1. Ask a flight attendant for earplugs

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The most basic way to keep the incessant cries from bothering you is to take cover. Cover your ears with earplugs, to be exact. There are some airlines that already place earplugs in the seat pocket in front of you, but you’ll have to request for a pair on most planes. If you’re sitting a safe distance from the crying baby, then using earplugs should be enough. But in case you’re unlucky that you always find yourself sitting too close for comfort…

2. Invest in noise-cancelling headphones

crying baby on plane

Sometimes, earplugs are no match for the wailing! I learned that the hard way. Given this, if you still insist on covering your ears, the best option is, in fact, noise-cancelling headphones. Notable electronic brands you can check out for these are Sony, Bose, Philips, and JBL. They may come with a hefty price, but they’re well worth the buck. With these premium headphones, you can opt to switch the noise-cancelling feature on and off, depending on your needs. That’s aside from the excellent sound quality you’ll get when listening to music!

3. Download sleep-inducing apps on your phone

I’m sure you’ve seen ads of these apps that are, for a lot of insomniacs, God’s gift to mankind. Some sleep-inducing apps specialise in providing white noise or calming music that people can listen to in order to doze off peacefully and gradually. Some, on the other hand, provide audiobooks or storytelling with soothing voice overs. Matched with tranquil sound effects of nature, these apps can help you get at least a few hours of sleep, especially when you pair them with noise-cancelling headphones. 

4. Book red-eye flights instead

Although this might only work for heavy sleepers, at least on red-eye flights, chances of you falling asleep right away are higher (with or without a crying baby). Besides, if you are unfortunate enough to board a red-eye flight with a baby, maybe they’ll be too sleepy to make a fuss as well. I know for a fact that some parents book red-eye flights intentionally so that their kids go straight to sleep. Before dosing off, make sure to send a silent prayer to the higher beings to keep the baby on the plane mum! 

5. Use essential oils to lull you to sleep

Call me old-fashioned, but I have experienced the relaxing benefits of essential oils and I refuse to look back! Not even Vicks Inhaler can trump the power of aromatherapy in soothing your senses, and yes — making you sleepy. 

crying baby on plane

The most popular essential oil for your sweet slumber is lavender. There have been several studies which claim that lavender not only improves sleep quality but also reduces anxiety and even helps alleviate depression. Other essential oils with sedative qualities are vanilla, rose, geranium, and jasmine. All of these have a hand in reducing restlessness and hyperactivity for that restful sleep you’ve been daydreaming of. So what do you say? Give aromatherapy a chance and join the club!

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6. Make use of the in-flight entertainment

I know this may seem like an obvious answer, but since you’re already paying for the in-flight entertainment on that long-haul flight, better utilise it for every purpose — and that includes blocking out the crying baby.

In-flight entertainment often features the latest movies, TV series, albums, and even live concerts! Put on your noise-cancelling headphones, play your favourite show, and let this combo do wonders for you as you become completely oblivious to the shrieking child at the front row. 

7. Order a glass of wine

I’m no wine expert here, but I heard that a glass of red wine can make other people sleepy. This is probably because the seeds and skin of grapes contain melatonin, which plays a hand in our sleep cycles. It’s kind of funny though, to think that a crying baby on a plane leads passengers to order a healthy dose of red wine. But hey, as long as you can hold your liquor and if you’re the type to unwind to a glass or two, by all means, do so. The crying baby may take away your sleep, but it can’t take away your liquor!

8. Take sleep-inducing tea

Aside from wine, tea is a natural solution when one has trouble sleeping. Chamomile tea, in particular, has long been regarded as a mild tranquiliser thanks to its calming effects. Valerian root also has a history of relieving headaches (caused by the crying baby!), anxiety, and most of all, insomnia. And guess what — if lavender oil can help you sleep, so can lavender tea. You need only inhale the scent of this sweet tea to decrease anxiety and fatigue, but sipping it will also improve sleep quality, as studies have shown. 

9. Choose an airline with a baby seat map

Earlier this year, Japan Airlines (JAL) announced that they would be showing their passengers a seat map which indicates where babies will be. This gives everyone the (valuable) information they need when choosing where to sit. Simple and yet ingenious isn’t it?!

It’s times like this when we send love to Japan for being such forward-thinkers and embodying excellent hospitality even in the smallest details! We hope that every airline in the world will follow suit!

10. Change seats when you can

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If you’re lucky and your plane isn’t full, just change seats! You don’t have to tolerate the crying baby for the rest of the flight when you can move farther away, and I don’t think that the flight attendants will mind either. Just let them know you’re transferring and make sure no one else is using the empty seat for their own devices. Nothing blocks out a noisy baby better than distance!

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Dealing with crying babies on the plane isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be too difficult as long as you keep these tips in mind. Do what you can to get that in-flight beauty sleep you’ve been hoping for, and the rest will follow. Hopefully, the crying baby will too.

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