Langkawi Reopens As Malaysia Experiments With Local Travel Bubbles

Langkawi Reopens As Malaysia Experiments With Local Travel Bubbles

Finally! Some sun, beach, and waves for Malaysians!

After spending almost an entire year couped up at home, Malaysians may finally be able to travel again. Specifically, travel aficionados in the Southeast Asian food haven will be able to visit Langkawi, one of the country’s most popular island destinations.

As part of an experimental travel bubble, Langkawi will reopen on 16 September 2021. However, the island will only be open to fully vaccinated individuals within the country. In addition, travellers to the island must not be a close contact of anyone with ongoing confirmed infections.


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No quarantine but testing is required

While there are no mandated quarantine measures for those travelling to and from Langkawi, a recent update by the Ministry of Health has made it compulsory for travellers to take a COVID test before jetting off on their vacation. They can do so by:

  • Taking an RT-PCR or RTK-Antigen test at least 48 hours before departure. Travellers will need to show a negative result when entering the island OR
  • Buying a COVID-19 self-testing kit and undergoing a screening upon arrival at Langkawi. They can either purchase a kit beforehand or choose to buy one upon arrival.

All individuals above the age of seven will be subject to the above tests before entering Langkawi.

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200,000 flights already booked

Langkawi reopening

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The potential hassle of undergoing a COVID screening has not deterred Malaysians from making travel plans. According to AirAsia, approximately 200,000 tickets to Langkawi have already been sold since the announcement!

On the first day when bookings were opened, 30,000 tickets were snapped up almost instantaneously. It’s clear to see that Malaysians are more than ready to start travelling again.


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In fact, Pangkor Island, another one of Malaysia’s top destinations, has recently submitted an application to be considered as the next travel bubble destination. Meanwhile, Penang’s state government has also put forward plans to reopen outdoor attractions.

Here’s hoping that this is the healthy signal for the tourism sector to finally reopen in Malaysia. Malaysians, if you’re planning a visit to Langkawi though, we hope that you’ll continue to stay safe!

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