Krakow 3D2N Itinerary: Things to Do & Attractions to Visit

Krakow 3D2N Itinerary: Things to Do & Attractions to Visit

Featuring the best sights to discover in the Polish city of Krakow, if you only have three days and two nights.

things to do in krakow

Perhaps the most popular Polish destination for tourists, Krakow is Poland’s true cultural gem. There is always plenty to see, do and eat in its beautiful medieval Old Town, within its expansive market square and beyond it.

Krakow was an important site that played host to the Nazi General Government during WWII. Despite its painful tragedy, Poland’s second biggest city has quickly evolved into an incredibly vibrant tourist hotspot that has many stories to tell and lessons to give.

Three days is a very short time for a city as big as Krakow. Nonetheless, you can make the best use of your time with this itinerary which focuses on the best attractions the city can offer!

Day 1

Fly into Krakow and check into your accommodation.

Check out Cracow Hostel, which is located right smack in the centre of Old Town, for budget-friendly dorm beds or private rooms. Also consider the tastefully designed, mid-range private rooms over at Akasha Guest Rooms, located in the Podgorze area of Krakow. If you’re looking for something fancy with an excellent location, Hotel Gródek could be a perfect choice.

Begin your Krakow adventure with a full stomach. Head out for some brunch at cosy Żarówka Café located in the Old Town and have some delicious homemade quiche with your strong cup of coffee.

After brunch, head to Krakow’s famous Old Town that just steps away from the cafe. Discover the bustling Market Square and take your time to wander around the shops, cathedrals and cultural sights.

Be sure not to miss out on viewing the interior of St Mary’s Basilica. Remember to pay for a (cheap) photo license so you can snap away guiltlessly. This is one of Europe’s most beautiful cathedrals and you’ll be full of regrets if you don’t take some photos as souvenirs.

After that, visit the Krakow Cloth Hall that’s situated right in the centre of the Market Square. For the adventurous or history buffs, the Rynek Underground is simply not to be missed!

In the close vicinity of the Old Town is the famous Wawel Castle, which currently hosts many wonderful exhibitions with much you can learn from. Highly recommended is the Lost Wawel permanent exhibition in the main palace building which features winding underground stone pathways and interesting archaeological finds that date way, way back.

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things to do in krakow

For dinner, head to the cultural Jewish District Kazimierz and dine at Hamsa, a wonderful Israeli restobar. This place, which also offers al fresco dining, is a wonderful spot to sit, drink and chill.

Day 2

Begin the second day of your Krakow adventure with a breakfast at the Old Town’s Siesta Café. Try out one of the café’s tasty toasts or nutritious muesli bowls.

things to do in krakow

While you are in Krakow, it is highly recommended to take a compelling WWII history lesson by embarking on a tour to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.

Instead of trying to figure out your own way there, it is best to take a tour with Krakville Tours (student discounts available) for a value-for-money, comfortable and educational tour. Not for the weak-hearted, the tour will offer a haunting insight into the life of Jewish prisoners of WWII and how they met with their cruel fates. This tour will last 6-7 hours including travel time in the coach.

After the tour, it’s time to try some tasty Polish pierogis (dumplings). Head over to Przystanek Pierogarnia, rated by many to be the best pierogi restaurant in town. Bonus: It is also very affordable! Other great alternatives are Milkbar Tomasza and Pierogi Mr Vincent.

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Day 3

Spend your last morning in Krakow visiting the beautiful Wieliczka Salt Mine, which opens at 8am. You may opt to take a 10am tour with Krakville Tours which includes transport.

Afterwards, head over to Podgórze District (the other side of the river from Krakow’s Old Town) and explore the Oskar Schindler’s Museum, which truly is a must-visit if you’ve watched Schindler’s List. After that, drop by the delightful Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow (MOCAK) that’s just a stone’s throw away.

things to do in krakow

In Podgórze, you’ll also find the legendary Krakus’ Mound, believed to be the resting place of Krakus, the legendary Polish prince, king and founder of Krakow. In the vicinity is also the beautiful St Stephen’s Basilica.

Before leaving Krakow, you may be interested in some last minute shopping. Galeria Kazimierz, a big and new shopping mall nearby would be a great choice. Be sure to check out Polish brand Reserved for stylish, quality pieces that won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

Krakow is a huge lively city that’s filled with history and culture. Be it history-lovers, museum-goers, adventurers, party people or regular tourists, Krakow has everything for everyone. I’m pretty sure that you will not leave this city disappointed. But a longing to return? Highly likely.

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