Charging Phones Is Among Many Durian Benefits You Might Not Know

Charging Phones Is Among Many Durian Benefits You Might Not Know

The intriguing fruit continues to surprise its lovers and non-lovers alike.

Whether we like it or not, the most hated fruit in the world is capable of powering our most loved gadget of all time. And this is a fact.

The durian, whose scientific name is Durio, may be one bad-smelling and tasting fruit for quite a number of palettes, but its benefits aren’t to be underestimated. For one, it’s not as terrible as some people make them out to be, especially if you grew up eating them. Not to mention, durian benefits include boosting one’s immune system and lowering blood pressure.

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But even if you’re one of many non-lovers of durian, you can still celebrate from having them near you or your community. That is, by using these fascinating fruits to charge your electrical devices, including phones, at record-breaking speeds. As this happens, it also helps reduce environmental pollution partially caused by harmful waste from typical batteries.

Durian benefits for phone

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In a study published in the Journal of Energy Storage, University of Sydney researchers revealed that biowaste from durians can be used to develop supercapacitors. Due to the fruits’ “large surface area, mesoporous structure, and intrinsic nitrogen”, the researchers found that durians have the potential to become “high-performance supercapacitors.”

For those who don’t know, capacitors are basically devices that store electrical energy and are used to charge gadgets. The above-mentioned qualities of durians make them ideal for producing carbon aerogels. These are low-density electrical conductors, which are consequently used to make supercapacitors. Meaning, they’re even better for charging devices when you’re in a hurry!

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It’s not just your phone, though. Durian benefits for charging cover other portable or mobile devices, including batteries and even vehicles. Also considered in the same study and similar ones before it are jackfruits, watermelons, and pomelos. While they likewise showed potential, it was the durians that reigned supreme.

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