Only in Japan: Weird Sights That Travellers Can Spot

Only in Japan: Weird Sights That Travellers Can Spot

We've made a list of those strange things that can only be found in Japan.

An immensely beautiful nature, rich history and the most delicate cuisine – Japan offers many reasons for a visit. However, there is another side to Japan – one that is rather strange and and exclusive to Japan; one that can be labelled as #OnlyInJapan.

Come with us on a visual journey to explore strange toilets, comics coming to live, proud mobsters and much more.

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1. Eat…. food that stares at you from behind dark sunglasses

only in japanImage credit: rumpleteaser

2. The Japanese pack everything nicely… including individual ears of corn

only in japanImage credit: Sarah Stierch

3. Pudding with a… curious taste (and shape)

only in japanImage credit: Michael Zimmer

4. Take to the skies in a flying Pokemon vessel!

only in japanImage credit: Haseo

5. The world’s a real-life manga comic everywhere you turn

only in japanImage credit: Derek Preston

6. Jam-packed jam sessions

only in japanImage credit: Amir Jina

7. Feel like a pea in a pod in one of these overnight capsule pods

8. Chill out with monkeys in hot tubs

Image credit: David McKelvey

9. A stark reminder of the horrors of war

Image credit: Jpellen

10. Stranger than (Maid’s) fiction

Image credit: Lee LeFever

11. Feast your eyes on a geisha or maiko (apprentice geisha) as she weaves her way through the streets

Image credit:

12. Get your kawaii (Japanese for ‘cute’) on in an instant photo booth

Image credit: Alicia Rosello Gene

13. Beware of the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia), who wear their tattoos proudly on their sleeves

Image credit: Jeff Laitila

14. Have an out-of-the-world meal at an outer space themed restaurant

Image credit: Steven Tan

15. Be witness to a Rock n’ Roll revival

Image credit: Just One Way Ticket

16. Have mass picnics under the sakura (cherry blossom) trees

Image credit: Trent McBride

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17. Buy wacky accessories for your phone – tiny cactus, anyone?

Image credit: Rebecca Partington

18. Square watermelons. ‘Nuff said.

Image credit: Nada Stankova

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19. Everyday is a different style

Image credit: rc!


Image credit: Lee LeFever

If you have been to Japan before, you might have seen some of these curiosities before. Japan has surprises at every corner, and they are a delight to experience and understand. Enjoy your exploration!

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