Here's How You Can Watch the Giant 3D Billboard Cat in Tokyo!

Here’s How You Can Watch the Giant 3D Billboard Cat in Tokyo!

A purrfect display!

Once again, Japan goes viral online while spreading good vibes. This week, a billboard of a giant 3D cat in Tokyo made the rounds on the Internet; and of course, it pulled on the heartstrings of passionate animal lovers and cat owners. 

That giant 3D cat in Tokyo seems to be a Calico cat, famous for having a tri-colour coat, mainly of white, black, and orange. Unika is one of the two Japanese companies behind the cat display; its spokesperson, Takayuki Ohkawa, shared that fans have named the cat “Shinjuku East Exit Cat,” after the station where the 3D Tokyo cat is located.

Mr. Ohkawa went on to say that they wanted to lift people’s spirits during this dark time in everyone’s lives, which is why they’re launching the giant 3D cat in Tokyo. “There are many reasons we decided to display the cat, but one of the big reasons is that with corona, the world became very dark. Through the cat display, we wanted to revive Shinjuku and make it brighter,” said Mr. Ohkawa. 

How you can watch the giant 3D cat in Tokyo

The Calico cat is displayed on a 26×62-foot LED screen that curbs, giving the image a three dimensional effect. Even if you’re not in Tokyo, you can actually observe the Calico cat on this livestream posted on YouTube. However, spectators are only treated to brief glimpses of the cat per hour. 

The cat also changes behaviour at different times of the day, from 7am to 1am. It’s startled awake in the morning, stands up and meows down on locals in the afternoon, and goes to sleep with its head resting on its paws in the evening. 

What’s even better is that the full-blown presentation of the giant 3D cat in Tokyo hasn’t been released yet. The official launch will be on 12 July 2021, Monday. Only then will fans be able to see everything this viral Calico cat can really do on the big LED screen! When asked about clues on what to expect, Mr. Ohkawa answered, “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

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So, it looks like this hype over the giant 3D cat in Tokyo is only the beginning. Ready to see everything that Japan’s viral Calico cat can do? Follow the Cross Shinjuku Vision Twitter page to stay updated!

Featured image credit: Cross Shinjuku Vision | Official Twitter Page. News sourced from The New York Times and CNN. 

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