11 Roller Coaster Rides in Japan that Will Have You Screaming the Whole Way

11 Roller Coaster Rides in Japan that Will Have You Screaming the Whole Way

Buckle up and enjoy the ride – if you dare, that is. These roller coaster rides in Japan are truly for the fearless.

When you think of Japan, you’d only think of anime, sashimi and probably cherry blossom trees. However, you should also know that Japan is home to some of the world’s most badass roller coasters that you should give a go. Below are some questions to tick off before you proceed on with this article:

  1. Do you envision yourself blasting off to the speed of light?
  2. Do you enjoy being flung down great heights and have the g-force drag you down?
  3. Do you get super excited about taking roller coaster rides?
  4. Can you deal with the adrenaline rush from such extreme roller coaster rides?

Hold on tight, here are the biggest and baddest roller coasters in Japan.

1. Hollywood Dream – The Ride

Universal Studios, Osaka

Image credit: Jeremy Thompson

This ride, is indeed, the hollywood dream of roller coaster fanatics. Riders get to select their own background music to listen to whilst being thrown down a height of 43 metres. Hey, you can even pick “Lose yourself” by Eminem for your background music. Talk about individualised fun! This ride, however, does not turn riders upside down. That doesn’t mean it’s any less fun, though. This smooth roller coaster that reaches top speeds of 90 km/hr will keep you screaming and leaving the ride wanting more.

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2. Diving Coaster: Vanish

Cosmoland, Yokohama

roller coaster rides in japan

Image credit: Chris Price

Image credit: Roller Coasters

As the name suggests, this roller coaster appears to vanish as it slides into an underwater tunnel while falling from a height of 35 metres. This action, dramatised by the large spray of water, is an exquisite experience for any roller coaster fanatic.


3. Bandit

Yomiuri Land, Tokyo

Image credit: thecrypt

Once the fastest roller coaster in the world, Bandit does not disappoint roller coaster fans. Bandit is special as it was built to follow the contours of the forest-y Yomiuriland, which means that rides will pass through hundreds of treetops during the ride. Imagine the scene during Hanami, where you’d be riding through the cherry blossom. What a view! Perfect to go with your plus-ones.

4. White Cyclone

Nagashima Spa Land, Mie Prefecture

Image credit: Janma

One look at this roller coaster and it’ll bring back nostalgic moments of Roller Coaster Tycoon. White Cyclone is Japan’s longest wooden roller coaster, and is Japan’s pride as it is the world’s third longest wooden roller coaster. Taking this ride would allow you to go through a forest of wood, as the track intertwines with its structure continuously. This cyclone monster drops you from a height of 39 metres, and it will definitely make you come back for more.

5. Diavlo

Himeji Central Park, Hyogo Prefecture

Image credit: Taku Ki

This ride is a clone of Six Flag’s original Batman: The Ride coaster. This thrilling roller coaster has plenty of track inversions that will leave riders screaming for their lives. While spiraling through the air, you can finally experience what it feels like to be Batman!

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6. Fujiyama

Fuji-Q Highlands, Yamanashi Prefecture

Image credit: masamunecryus

When Fujiyama opened in 1996, it was the world’s tallest roller coaster with the largest drop in the world. After a 23 storey plunge (read that, 23 floors!), riders may lose their voices screaming as the coaster swooshes along the rest of the structure. Although it may have lost its world record, Fujiyama is still a fun ride that caters to all ages.

7. Thunder Dolphin

Tokyo Dome City, Tokyo

Image credit: Freakazoid!

Located in the heart of the capital, this ride is one of the most accessible to travellers in Japan. You’d feel the thrill as you pass through a giant ferris wheel and a hole at the top of the LaQua building. Thunder Dolphin also takes riders around the theme park, providing an aerial view.

The 80 degree drop would definitely make you scream in excitement!

8. Eejanaika

Fuji-Q Highlands, Yamanashi Prefecture

Image credit: masamunecyrus

This is the world’s tallest, longest, and fastest 4th Dimension roller coaster in the world.

Image credit: moogs

Not sure what a 4th Dimension roller coaster is? It is designed such that seats can rotate forward and backward 360 degrees in a controlled spin, while going through the ride inversions itself. The drops, which include a 90 degree angle drop, keeps you screaming whilst your seat continues to inverse and rotate.

Eejanaika has several meanings, but it definitely embodies the meaning of “Ain’t it great!”. This ride is definitely an experience to remember, and the long line that you’d have to wait to take this record breaking roller coaster? Definitely worth it.

9. Steel Dragon 2000

Nagashima Spa Land, Mie Prefecture

Image credit: Holiday Point

Being the world’s longest roller coaster, Steel Dragon 2000 gives a ride that seemingly never ends. The mere sight of the majestic steel structure wows and captures the hearts of all adrenaline seekers. It surpassed the Cedar Point coaster as the world’s longest circuit coaster on the year of the Dragon.

Use the time you need to take it all in. The ride, being the second fastest roller coaster in Japan, peaks at 153 km/h. Feel your nerves tingling as you slowly ride up the 97 metre high slope. With the coaster offering intense drops of up to 93.5 metres, you’d definitely be screaming throughout this 龙(loooooong) steely ride.

10. Dondonpa

Fuji-Q Highlands, Yamanashi Prefecture


Image credit:

This ride messes with your mind from the moment you begin to even queue for it. Dondonpa refers to the sound of your heartbeat, and the attraction plays a soundtrack that repeatedly chants “Don-don-pa” – so much so that your heart will start to pound along with it.

The ride teases you as it enters a darkened room before launch, and has a creepily excitable countdown. “Three, two, one!” it screams before you feel the great adrenaline rush of being launched up a 90 degrees slope before the drop.

The ride’s attraction is its super fast acceleration, acclaimed to be the world’s fastest launch acceleration powered by compressed air. The ride reaches its top speed of 172 km/hr in just 1.8 seconds, lifting riders 52 metres high. You’d be at the peak in no time, and you might not even have the chance to catch your breath.

Although the roller coaster was built nearly 14 years ago, this ride is a hella thrill for even the greatest thrill seekers.

11. Takabisha

Fuji-Q Highlands, Yamanashi Prefecture

Image credit: Alex Brogan

Image credit: Jeremy Thompson

Taking a look at the roller coaster’s structure, you’d know this ride is no mean feat. The attraction boasts a 121 degree drop, making this the steepest roller coaster in the world and also a Guinness World Record holder. Takabisha begins in a darkened room, before firing its riders around in a short car. Halfway through, it lifts the riders up a 90 degrees slope before dropping them 121 degrees. Not for the faint-hearted, and is definitely a ball of fun for everyone who is game enough to take on this challenge.

If you’re heading to Japan, do make sure to spare some time to take all these record-breaking and amazing roller coasters. It’ll make your trip pretty much unforgettable – that I can guarantee!

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