Take the IKEA-Pinterest Quiz to Give Your Space a Travel Makeover

Take the Online Quiz That Helps Turn Spaces Into Your Dream Destination

Renocation’s interface was a collaboration among digital institutions Jebbit, Ogilvy, and Wavemaker.

If there’s one thing being cooped up at home for several months has shown travellers, it’s that it’s definitely possible to explore the world without going out.

If you have a computer, watch a travel-themed movie. Have the budget to do a grocery haul? Recreate an airline’s in-flight meal. And when you have both IKEA and Pinterest a few clicks away, you can even transform your space into your favourite destination or dream vacation! But how, you might ask, is this possible?

Renocation, which combines ‘renovation’ and ‘vacation’ into one, is an initiative by IKEA and Pinterest that takes the form of an online interior design quiz. By its name, it allows you to renovate a personal space into something that resembles a place outside of your home — whether it’s a beach, a forest, or even a bistro.

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How to take the IKEA-Pinterest Renocation quiz

To turn your space into what your dream getaway might look like, Renocation asks questions that reflect your travel interests. The quiz begins by asking “If you could be anywhere, where would you be?”. The options include the beach, nature, and the park. Depending on what you choose, you’ll need to provide more information about it.

Pinterest Board Travel

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By choosing “in nature,” for example, the quiz follows up with a question asking what the first thing you would do upon arriving at such a destination. The options are going on a hike, hitting the slopes, setting up camp, and starting a BBQ. The questions continue until you’ll be presented with a customised Pinterest board containing design inspirations for your ideal space. It doesn’t even have to be just your bedroom, but other parts of the house, too!

The planning doesn’t stop there, though. Upon clicking one of the Pinterest options on your board, you’ll see product recommendations from IKEA. Along with them is a link to the appropriate product or products on the retail company’s website. With these resources, both IKEA and Pinterest can help live out your travel aspirations in conservative ways.

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Renocation’s interface was a collaboration among digital institutions Jebbit, Ogilvy, and Wavemaker. It’s highly user-friendly and immersive so that answering the quiz won’t feel like an added chore. Furthermore, data from Pinterest showed that more people use its platform for home improvement projects since 2020. This makes the collaboration even more worthwhile.

If you’re looking to shake up your space while staying travel-inspired, then you can start taking the Renocation online quiz here.

Featured image credit: IKEA | Official Website

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