10 Mountains in The Philippines with The Most Incredible Views

Top 10 Mountains in The Philippines with The Most Incredible Views

There's more to the Philippines than spectacular beaches and delicious local cuisine!

“Ain’t about how fast I get there / Ain’t about what is waiting on the other side / It’s the climb”

I’m sure you know the song The Climb by Miley Cyrus. It reflects on the struggles in life that any hiker can relate to. Reaching the peak of a mountain gives every hiker a sense of fulfilment, as they have managed to ace the obstacle courses that nature has prepared. That said, mountains in the Philippines are varied, and there is definitely a trail for everybody!

One of the most definitive experiences provided by mountain hiking and climbing is the views from high above. Good thing these mountains in the Philippines offer awe-inspiring views — A.K.A. the pinnacle of any mountain climbing journey.

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Famous mountains in the Philippines with awesome views

1. Mt. Apo

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Image credit: Lolay

This is the country’s highest point at 2,954 metres, and this is not the only thing that is awe-inspiring about Mt. Apo. Located between the provinces of North Cotabato and Davao, this mountain showcases terrain that is well-laden with moss and nourished by ample rainwater and that which flows from the Agco River.

Mt. Apo is not the easiest summit to climb, but the reward of conquering the country’s tallest point makes the experience worth it. It is also considered as the mountaineer’s finale after he or she conquers the major summits in the Philippines, after which the climber can move over to nearby countries for more challenging climbs.

2. Mt. Kabunian

mountains in philippines

Image credit: Tiger Lila

This mountain, which is located in the Northern Philippines, offers a unique hiking experience aside from the incredible views that await the travellers who will reach the summit. Mt. Kabunian is considered as sacred ground, and numerous hanging wooden coffins can be viewed on the side of the steep walls up to the summit. The starting point of Mt. Kabunian already offers an amazing panoramic view, and that is just the beginning of the journey that reveals a summit that is like touching the heavens.

3. Pico de Loro

Image credit: Incredible Thots

Pico de Loro means ‘Parrot’s beak,’ and this is what the place resembles. This is one of the highly recommended summits to climb as its track is not as difficult as that presented by other peaks. The trail to the summit is about five kilometres long, which is a bit shorter than that of other summit choices.

The summit offers exquisite views of the mountainous terrain, as well as of the nearby province of Batangas and the West Philippine Sea. The historic island of Corregidor and Manila Bay can also be viewed from the summit, where you can also find a monolith, which is a natural rock formation that stands more than sixty metres tall.

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4. Mt. Pulag

mountains in the philippines

Image credit: Justin Jovellanos

Another revered mountain in Northern Philippines, Mt. Pulag is extremely popular even among those who are not really into mountain climbing or hiking. This is because it offers an experience of literally walking in a sea of clouds, which is something that not every hiking experience can offer. The sea of clouds is not a permanent feature, and it is highly dependent on the weather and a bit of luck.

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5. Mt. Ugo

Image credit: Andy Nelson

Mt. Ugo is one of the most picturesque destinations on this list. Located in the Cordillera Region in up north, it showcases a great view of the tree-lined mountainside. It is one of the more challenging summits to reach, taking about two to three days depending on the pace and endurance of the hikers. There are points here that are a bit difficult to traverse, which is why it is very important to prepare for the hike.

6. Mt. Kanlaon

Image credit: Billy Lopue

Considered as the highest point of the Visayas region, Mt. Kanlaon is an active volcano which is more than two-thousand metres high. When traversing the recommended trail, which is the Mapot-Mananawin trail, reaching the summit will take roughly three days. It is important to reach Makawiwili Peak, as it serves as a vantage point to monitor the volcano’s activity for safety precautions. The upper portions of the mountain can provide excellent views of the Margaja Valley, as well as an aerial view of Canlaon City upon descent.

7. Mt. Batulao

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Image credit: Justin Jovellanos

Mt. Batulao is one of the mountain destinations that quite near the national capital. It is one of the easier summits to climb because of its gentle slopes. The mountain offers great views of the Cavite and Batangas provinces, including the nearby mountains and coastlines. This is one of the mountain destinations highly recommended for beginners to mountain climbing and hiking because it only requires an average level of skills and stamina. It will only take about three hours of trekking to reach the well-equipped campsite.

8. Mt. Talinis

Image credit: Storm Crypt

Mt. Talinis offers a unique experience in an eerie kind of way. Some of the trees here are covered in white due to the sulphur-rich ground that “cooked” the trees. This complex volcano is being protected by the locals because of its natural charm and the abundance of wild orchids and edible berries that grow around the mountainside.

There are also twin crater lakes: Lake Nailig and Lake Yagumyum. Mt. Talinis offers diverse flora and fauna that photographers can appreciate behind the lens. Located in the same island as Mt. Kanlaon, Mt. Talinis is the second highest peak in the Visayas region, towering over one thousand and nine hundred meters.

9. Mt. Pinatubo

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Image credit: Storm Crypt

Famously known for the 1991 volcanic eruption that claimed thousands of lives, the now peaceful Mt. Pinatubo has been gaining popularity for its crater lake that has white sand and clear turquoise waters. This can be reached after a couple of hours of trekking or after approximately half an hour by trying the 4×4 ride for first-timers. Climbers would appreciate a glimpse of this sleeping giant’s hidden beauty.

10. Mt. Manabu

Image credit: Jaya

This mountain is part of the Malipunyo Range located in the province of Batangas. The summit of Mt. Manabu will welcome mountaineers with great views of the lowlands, and there is a simple white cross waiting to greet you when you successfully reach the summit. This inactive volcano is gaining popularity due to civet coffee: the excrement of civets that eat coffee beans and considered as one of the most expensive coffee variants in the world.

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Mountain climbing is one of the most physically exhausting activities out there. It is an activity that serves as a reflection of your own life – to reach your own personal summit, you should trek your way to the top. There are no elevators or convenient tracks, and you should rely on your own pace. In the end, an awesome summit awaits. Remember, it is not the mountain that you conquer, but yourself.

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