Matterhorn Alpine Crossing: All About Europe's Highest Cable Car

Switzerland’s Newest Cable Car Crossing Lets You Travel to Italy in Under 2 Hours

Embark on a day trip to Italy on your Swiss holiday!

From scenic lakes and stunning rivers to lush mountain terrains, Switzerland never fails when it comes to picturesque landscapes. This fact is already well-known to globetrotters worldwide, but they might not have heard that Europe’s highest cable car — the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing — is now open to the public!

This newest cable car crossing will ascend over 4,000 metres above ground and cover a 3,480-metre distance. What’s more, you can travel from Switzerland to Italy in less than two hours with this scenic high-altitude route. Read on for everything you need to know!

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All about the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing

This three-string Alps cable car will take you on a scenic journey from Zermatt in Switzerland to Breuil Cervinia in Italy. You’ll find it near the Testa Grigia station. The cableway allows visitors to explore the Valle d’Aosta regions breathtaking views and admire the charming Walliser-style houses in the area. Here, you can also enjoy riding, biking, hiking, or golfing to your heart’s desire. It’s the epitome of a Matterhorn summer paradise, wouldn’t you agree?

Another main highlight is The Plateau Rosa SnowXperience World of Adventure, which is scheduled to open for all winter sports beginners in August 2023. You can experience this thrilling adventure at Theodul Glacier, near the brand-new Testa Grigia station. What about all the necessary equipment for the winter activities? Fret not; you can rent these from the centre (and even book yourself a ski instructor!).

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What to expect from Switzerland’s new cable car ride

The stations and activities

The gondola consists of 35 cabins, each allowing you to enjoy the unrestricted panoramic scenery of the magnificent Matterhorn from different angles. Expect nine stations altogether, five of which will be in Switzerland and another four in Italy. Know what’s even better? You’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of exciting activities ranging from skiing in the SnowXperience area, snow tubing, exploring Glacier Palace, and photo-taking in different en-route attractions.

Psst — look forward to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise stop. It’s the highest peak station in Europe that offers you an unbeatable view of the 38 mountains that make up the Swiss Alps!

The tickets

You may purchase a one-way ticket from Zermatt on the Swiss side or from Cervinia in Italy. Alternatively, you can buy a return ticket to travel for a day to any of the two countries’ attractions (on either side of the Matterhorn). 

One-way ticket price (until August 20, 2023): CHF156 (~S$235.63)

Return ticket price: CHF240 (~S$362.51)

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Featured image credit: Matterhorn Zermatt Bergbahnen | Official Instagram Page

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