Singaporean Travellers Are Secretly Guilty of Doing These 10 Things

Singaporean Travellers Are Secretly Guilty of Doing These 10 Things

Wipe that smirk off. We're pretty sure you've done most of these things too!

There’s just something about being a Singaporean. We’re known for so many things, from our knack at creating our very own singlish to queuing up overnight for the latest H&M and Balmain collection.

Some Singaporeans are a predictable breed, and they can’t help doing certain things when they travel. I know I’m guilty for almost all of these things…

1. Collecting free bottles of shampoo, body soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, slippers…

Image credit: Michael Coghlan

2. Bargaining

Image credit: Jason D’ Great

“$10 can or not ah? Please lah you very handsome…”

3. Rushing from place to place

Image credit: John Ragai

4. Queuing up…

Image credit: Choo Yut Shing

And getting angry when people don’t follow suit or cut the queue.

5. Complaining

You ain’t Singaporean if you don’t complain about everything, from the weather to that inconsiderate commuter at the train station.

6. Packing too many plastic bags

Image credit: istolethetv

One for underwear, one for soiled clothing, one for shoes…

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7. Scrambling to get wifi after touching down

8. Coming up with unique travel hashtags

Image credit: Jerlyn

Case in point.

9. Taking advantage of Changi Airport’s DFS

Image credit: Ronald Tan

Cheap alcohol FTW.

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10.Trying to squeeze in loots into the luggage at the end of the trip

Image credit: Lyza

And fail at it.

While we still can’t seem to shake off these habits that have been ingrained into us over the years, we still know how to have some fun!

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