10 Sweet Things Every Boyfriend Does to a Travel Junkie Girlfriend

10 Sweet Things Every Boyfriend Does to a Travel Junkie Girlfriend

They may complain a lot about your travels, but sometimes, boyfriends do the sweetest things.

Your boyfriend complains and rants about your travels, but he cares enough to support your happiness. And sometimes, he even indulges you.

What else can he do when his girl friend is a travel junkie?

1. He wants to know every detail of your trip—from your hotel information to your companions to your itinerary to the exact date and time of your arrival and departure

travel junkie boyfriend sweet things

He asks about it a million times until you finally leave.

2. Though he doesn’t like that you’re leaving AGAIN, he fretfully worries whether you have enough pocket money

“Can that last you five days? Will you be able to eat three meals a day? What about for emergencies?”

3. He drives you to the airport and makes sure that he’s there when you arrive

If he could open the door of the plane for you, he would.

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4. He doesn’t require you to message or call him 24/7 while you’re away, but he does want you to message him once you arrive back to your hotel

A little ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ is enough to calm him worries.

5. He begs you to send a photo everyday while you’re away to know that you’re safe and fine and still look the same

travel selfie

Looking extra happy in the photos is required.

6. Even when he’d rather play games at home, he does his best to go on trips with you.

He’s a homebody, but he can definitely try to be your travel buddy, too!

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7. He enjoys taking all your cliché travel photos for you

Sometimes, it feels like he only went with you to take your pictures.

8. And when doesn’t travel with you and  you ask what he’d like as a gift, he says that all he wants is for you to come home safe

It’s all that’s matters, he says.

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9. Once you’re back, he’s eager to listen to your stories and would love to hear all about it

travel junkie boyfriend sweet things

He doesn’t mind listening all night to all your stories about the locals you’ve met and sights you’ve seen.

10. And when you say you’re leaving again, he sighs but doesn’t stop you from travelling again

Because he’d do anything to make you happy, and he perfectly understands that travelling is the one thing that puts a smile on your face.

He does all these without trying to be sweet, and that is enough to make you melt into a pile of goo.

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