10 Types of Pokémon GO Players You’ll Definitely Catch in Singapore

10 Types of Pokémon GO Players You’ll Definitely Catch in Singapore

Pokémon GO is FINALLY IN SINGAPORE! Are you any of these types of players? Don't shake your head in denial – we bet you are!


After waiting for eons, the much-awaited game has finally made it onto our shores! I’m sure that most of you have already downloaded the game, or have at least observed the hordes of people walking around with their eyes glued to their phones. It might just be the third day, but even now, I’m certain that most of you have observed several types of Pokémon GO players surfacing all around Singapore. Do you fall into any of these categories? Let’s find out!

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1. The ones who play in a pack – the Poké Pack

10 types pokemon go players singapore

They’re everywhere – in the train, the office, around Pokémon Gyms. You’ll often hear them encouraging one another by shouting things like “EH GOT PokéSTOP” or “GUYS GOT JIGGLYPUFF NEARBY”. Subtly tag along these groups and you’ll have them do all the work for you. Playing along with them will be a breeze, and you’ll be taken on a Magikarpet ride in no time. Hur hur.

2. The ones who pose with the Pokémon – the Poké Models

pokemon go model

That’s right, you’ve seen photos like these all over your social media feed. These people aim to catch the best photos with ‘em all. When you see someone taking a photo of their friend posing in a seemingly inconspicuous place, you’ll know that it’s them. With pictures like these, it’s no wonder that they are the very best at taking photos – that no one ever was!

3. The ones who play until the wee hours of the morning – the Poké Hantu

pokemon go nightImage credit: Kelvin Jethro Toh

The Poké Hantu are those who take the phrase “gotta catch ‘em all” to the next level. You’ll see them wandering around your neighbourhood at 2 in the morning trying to catch anything and everything they can get their hands on. Seen a person in their jammies trudging along with a cup of coffee and their phone in their hands? Yup, you’ve found yourself a Poké Hantu. This is what they call dedication, people.

pokemon go 7th monthImage credit: Edwin

A word of caution – it is the 7th month, after all. You won’t want to catch the wrong thing, like an actual hantu!

4. The ones who spend their entire game on the train – the Poké Train-ers

pokemon go train

Board a train, look around, and you’re bound to find people playing Pokémon GO all around you. They belong to a group of people whose entire Pokémon game revolves around their train rides – and yup, you guessed it, they’re called the Pokémon Train-ers!

Yes, yes, sweet pun, I know. Once you’ve gotten over it, you’ll definitely acknowledge it. How many times have you seen people waiting fervently for the train to stop near a Pokéstop, or lying in wait for a Pokémon to appear? Too many, I’m sure. Well, these are the Poké Train-ers for you!

5. The ones who endanger themselves while driving – the Poké Dangers

pokemon go drivingImage credit: Jeremy Judkins

Yes, even after multiple warnings from various government agencies, there are still so many lunatics out there who are willing to play and drive at the same time. Please don’t take this guy as an example. You’ll not only endanger yourself, but the people around you as well.

Also, you might have seen this video of a Pokémon Go player who went nuts when told to get off the road. Does a name come to mind? Perhaps your friend or family member? If so, then you know which category they belong to. On a more serious note, don’t go on the road while playing Pokémon Go if you want to live to catch ‘em all.

6. The ones who really want to be the very best – the Poké Hiongsters

pokemon go gymImage credit: G.Mannaertz

Challenging gyms, catching everything there is – do you know someone who just wants to level up ASAP? If so, that’s a Poké Hiongster for you.

These people just want to be the very best, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it. You’ll find them fervently walking around the same area to find the best Pokémon, or congregating around Pokémon Gyms to take down the existing Gym Leaders. You can’t blame them, though – they’re just Seaking to be the very best, after all.

7. The ones too lazy to go outside – the Poké Lepakers

pokemon lepakers

Pokémon Go is a game that forces you to go outside, but even then, there are players who are somehow able to catch the best Pokémon from the comforts of their own home. These people revel in this fact – you might see them bragging that they’re able to catch so many Pokémon without ever leaving their bed.

Know what I call these people? The Poké Lepakers. These lucky sods don’t have to go to the lengths that we do to catch ‘em all, and they’re really happy about that. They lepak because they can.

8. The ones who are super-competitive for their teams – the Poké Rivals

pokemon go teamsImage credit: Pokémon Go

I’m sure you’ve seen people arguing about the best Pokémon Team in Pokémon Go. From posting memes at the expense of the rival teams to an all-out war with their rivals, these Poké Rivals will stop at nothing to emphasise that their team is the best. Watch what you say around them, especially if you’re on a different team. All it takes is one slip of the tongue. Just one.

9. The ones who travel everywhere to catch ‘em all – the Poké Travellers

poke travellersImage credit: William Cho

“Eh let’s go Orchard to catch Pokémon!” “Wah, Marsiling got Dragonite sia, let’s go!” “Tampines got a lot of Eevee, you want go?”

Behold – the Poké Travellers. These are the players that will willingly travel to every corner of this country to catch ‘em all. Do you have friends or family who are trying to drag you to ION Orchard after hearing news about the Lures in this area? Or are they the ones religiously checking the Poké Alert app to see where the best Pokémon are? If some names come to mind, you’ve definitely got yourself a Poké Traveller in your midst.

10. The ones who come up with creative ideas – the Poké Inventors

poke inventorsImage credit: ksheely

The Poké Inventors are those who have a storm of mad ideas going around their brain on how to make their lives easier while still being heavily invested into the game. There have been people strapping their phones to their animals to hatch their eggs, and Pewdiepie (the YouTuber with the most subscribers) has even managed to catch some Pokémon with his phone strapped to a flying drone.

Yes, yes, I know that Pokémon Go has only been live for three days in Singapore. But heed my words – you’ll see these people surface soon enough.



11. The ones that observe but don’t play – the Poké Observers

poke observersImage credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

They’re not a player, but you best believe that they’re watching you. They are the Poké Observers – and they come from every walk of life. That inconspicuous auntie standing next to you? A Poké Observer. The group of middle-aged friends seated next to you? You bet that they’re Poké Observers. While you’re too invested in your game to notice, they’re the ones who either roll their eyes or smile in amusement at the folly of this new obsession. You think that Pokémon GO players are everywhere? The Poké Observers are, too.

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What type of Pokémon GO player are you?

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