How a 1-Minute France Vaccination Ad Won People’s Hearts

How a Minute-Long French Vaccination Ad Won the World’s Heart

The video was originally posted by Olivier Véran, the Minister for Solidarity and Health in France.

Following the principles of advertising, the effectiveness of a video campaign doesn’t just depend on how efficiently it reaches who it hopes to target. It’s not even about always employing tuneful music and renowned personalities, as other countries have done. Nor is it about using bluntly emotion-inducing images that bring people to tears during its first few seconds. As one France vaccination ad shows, the simpler a campaign is, the more people are likely to be moved by it — regardless of the language they speak or understand.

To further encourage citizens to get vaccinated against COVID-19, the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health released a video that, as of writing, has been watched by millions of people around the globe. Its message is pretty straightforward: Get vaccinated, help the world return to what it once was, or at least before COVID-19. It also features people willingly (even enthusiastically) taking a jab, as though telling its viewers that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

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What you’ll find in the promotional video

In the mere 60 seconds of the France vaccination ad, French locals are shown getting their COVID-19 vaccine shots for real. One by one, a corresponding scene of a local community, work and school setting, or establishment follows. There’s a clothing store, a conference room, a restaurant, a theatre, a workplace, and a theme park. The more people are seen being vaccinated, the more of these places are reopening.

By the end, even a sporting event in a massive stadium takes place, with one face masked woman uttering uplifting words in French. Take it as a hint of what you might expect in the upcoming Paris 2024 when more people get vaccinated. Olivier Véran, the Minister for Solidarity and Health in France, originally posted the video on 9 Jun 2021. It came with the caption: “À chaque vaccination c’est la vie qui reprend. Faisons nous tous vacciner maintenant.” It translates to English as “With each vaccination, life begins again. Let’s all get vaccinated now.”

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Why the France vaccination ad works

It didn’t take long for people all over the Internet, not just those in France, to respond to the video. Some of those who reshared it lauded it for its simplicity. “It doesn’t even need words. Very well produced!” one user said. “A well made vaccination ad from France. Extra points for showing the actual injection, so it looks less intimidating for the needle-shy,” another said. Others called it “brilliant”, “genius”, and “truly inspirational.”

Like most campaigns, some of the most powerful vaccination initiatives around the world involve very little talking. Instead, they show someone — a citizen or a high-ranking official — actually doing what they’re promoting. In the France vaccination ad’s case, it’s the French getting inoculated. Not to mention, Pharrell Williams’ ‘Freedom’ playing in the background was too fitting of a song. Watch the full French COVID-19 ad here, or go to the official Twitter page of Véran.

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