Travel Made Easy: Useful Tips for Planning a Couple’s Getaway

Travel Made Easy: Useful Tips for Planning a Couple’s Getaway

Planning for the perfect getaway together with your significant other? Keep these tips in mind!

So your new boyfriend has suggested going on your first trip together. Or maybe you’ve been married for donkey years and need an escapade to reconnect. A getaway can be a relaxing respite from the worries of your daily lives and you’ll be able to spend that much-needed quality time with your significant other… that is, if you’re able to pull it off properly! Indeed, the idea of bliss can turn sour very quickly when even your most well-made plans go awry. Take note of these tips and you’ll be well on your way to booking the perfect romantic getaway!

1) Plan your trip together

There is no point in going on a couples’ trip if you don’t organise it together. If one of you is just following the other around doing activities that don’t interest you, it’ll affect the whole mood of the trip and likely lead to arguments. Grab a cuppa and sit down together to write down your favourite destinations, budgets and preferred activities. Also, take the time to discuss what kind of holiday do both of you want – an adventurous trip to tick off items on your bucket list, or a relaxed, romantic resort-centred vacation?

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2) Be flexible and don’t over-schedule

As with all trips, there is bound to be at least one thing that goes wrong. Either lost luggage, bad weather or pickpockets. Stressful times like these are when the ugly, impatient side of your seemingly perfect partner emerges. When such hiccups occur, it is important to not let it ruin the remainder of your trip.

Always have backup activities in mind so that you and your partner don’t get utterly disappointed when arrangements don’t go exactly as planned. Also, refrain from packing too many activities in one day. There’s no prize for covering the whole of Bangkok or Bali in a day! Rushing from place to place just gets you worked up and you will not be focusing on your partner.

3) Try out a new activity together

Never been offshore fishing or paragliding over the glistening Indian Ocean? Well, consider trying out an exciting new activity with your other half! Getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new and novel together as a couple can help bring both of you even closer. Both of you will be able to look back fondly on your vacation through these memories that you gain together as a couple!

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4) Factor in stay-in time for relaxation and rejuvenation

Don’t forget that the trip is focused on your relationship. Nurture that by allocating time to slow down and rejuvenate. What’s more, you can even consider arranging for two masseuses to come to your room and massage you and your partner as you lay side by side reminiscing the time when both of you first met. No matter how exciting a destination might be, don’t forget to set some time aside to relax and have a proper conversation!

If both of you are not the homebody type, find a place that is private for both of you – be it an exclusive spa, the rooftop of a building or a quiet spot at the edge of the beach. Getaways are perfect for you to rekindle that spark in your relationship and it gives you the perfect opportunity to bond without the daily routine of work, family and kids. All the more reason to do it more often!

5) Have a little alone time

If your trip is a little on the longer side, consider factoring in some alone time for yourself. Even if it’s just a mani-pedi appointment, a gym workout session or a game of golf – take some time to go your separate ways. Having a little time apart from each other will make you more excited to meet each other and conversation will flow better. Be crafty about the scheduling!

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6) Travel during the off-peak season

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The perfect combination to kill the lovey-dovey mood? Massive crowds, sardine-packed transport, sky-high costs and poor service. If possible, stay (FAR) away from peak holiday periods and popular tourist destinations and hotspots when planning your couples getaway. Are you ready to wait an hour in line before paying 12 Euros per person to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower to propose to your partner amidst noisy, inconsiderate tourists? We think not!

Instead, travel to somewhere obscure and peaceful. It’ll definitely be more relaxing and you can enjoy each others’ undivided attention without competing with the chaos of busy crowds. If you’re headed to a city destination, consider booking a luxe resort a little further from all the action.

7) Sort out money issues before the trip

Indeed, money can and often is, the root of all evil. It is usually the number one thing that couples argue about on a vacation and you surely don’t want this to ruin your special anniversary getaway, do you?  Planning a budget for the trip can be slightly stressful, hence it is important for couples to set your budgets together. Who is bearing the hotel costs and who will be settling miscellaneous costs like food and tips? Will there be a common pool of money from which both of you will spend from? These are some crucial questions to that need to be addressed.

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8) Plan surprises and get personal

Surprises never get old. Incorporating small elements of spontaneity and thrill is a great way to rekindle your romantic bond with your partner. These can be small gestures like a bouquet of flowers, packing in massage oils or making a mixtape with songs that both of you listened together, to something more elaborate like a private sunset cruise or an exclusive luxury villa. If you aren’t really a creative person and are bad at surprises, you can consider booking a hotel with a honeymoon suite!

9) Disconnect to reconnect

Toss away your laptops, iPads and even your Fitbit step counting device. Being constantly connected to the internet and social media platforms on your smart devices take away precious time that you should be spending with one another. Try not to bring any work from the workplace with you and switch off your connectivity whenever you can. Indulge in each others’ company and once you return home, you’ll savour these one-on-one moments you enjoyed together.

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10) Be willing to spend money for convenience

The last thing that you would want would be to land at the airport and have to figure out which local public bus to take to get to your hotel. Or even worse, get on the wrong one and lose your way on the opposite side of the city. After all, this is a vacation and you’re there to relax.

So if you’re not one for uncertainty and inconvenience, book an airport transfer to your hotel. Or even better, rent a car and go anywhere at any time that you please! Everyone surely treasures the convenience of having their own car. And a long car ride along the coast while you blast throwback songs from your courting days can be a pretty romantic activity!

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A romantic getaway is indeed a fantastic way to see the world and reconnect with your partner away from the stresses of everyday life. If you’re new to travelling with your partner, start small with a short weekend getaway nearby, then build up to destinations further from home. As you learn more about your other half, figure out what both of you are good at in terms of travel planning and stick to those roles.

Handling work stress, fetching the kids from tuition, or rushing to finish school assignments – you don’t really have the time to be alternating between multiple airline and hotel tabs. At the same time, you don’t want to settle for less for that special trip with the love of your life. With the Expedia App, you can search for the best deals and set off on that much desire romantic escapade from the comforts of your mobile phone! With its straightforward, user-friendly interface, you’ll be in for a seamless booking experience. Romance has never been this easy, so get packing and happy honeymooning, lovebirds!

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