Manila is the Absolute Worst and These 20 Points Will Convince You

Manila is the Absolute Worst and These 20 Points Will Convince You

Visit Manila and you'll regret it!

Metro Manila is just a layover to all the beautiful destinations in the Philippines – Boracay, Palawan, Cebu and many more amazing islands. Travellers don’t want to stay in this metropolis for some obvious reasons. If you’re visiting Manila soon, drop your travel plans and move on to your next destination before you regret it.

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1. It’s full of decrepit structures

manilaImage credit: Frisno Boström

2. The streets are old-fashioned

Image credit: Marc Gerard Del Rosario

3. Look at the transportation

Image credit: Rajesh_India

4. Traffic is everywhere

Image credit: Wayne S. Grazio

5. It has no interesting history and culture

Image credit: cisc1970

6. No thriving art scene

Image credit: Chariss Concepcion

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7. Is this what you call the capital of the Philippines?

Image credit: Ramir Borja

8. Pollution is everywhere

9. It’s freaking hot

10. Noisy

Image credit: cisc1970

11. And crowded

Image credit: jon mannion

12. There’s no more space for you to exercise

Image credit: Stefan Munder

13. Or find peace and quiet

Image credit: Ree Dexter

14. You’ll run out of places to hangout on weekends

Image credit: Andy Enero

15. So you’ll be bored to death

Image credit: Star City

16. The locals are not friendly enough

Image credit: chotda

17. Everything is expensive

Image credit: Rajesh_India

18. The street food is gross

Image credit: Cody Austin

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19. With no variety

Image credit: Debbie Tingzon

If I were you, I will never visit Manila because…

20. …you’ll find it hard to move on!

Image credit: Solo Galura

I got you there! Didn’t I? Maybe not, if you’ve read my previous post about why travelling to the Philippines is a waste of time.

No destination is good or bad if you’re a real traveller because as cliché as it sounds, “It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.”

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