One Week Road Trip Itinerary To Explore Eastern Taiwan - Hot Springs, Night Markets & More!

One Week Road Trip Itinerary To Explore Eastern Taiwan – Hot Springs, Night Markets & More!

Combining the best of Taipei and eastern Taiwan all in one itinerary! Head for a road trip with your loved ones and discover all the hidden gems and delicious treats Taiwan has to offer.

Eastern Taiwan – the region best known for its geological wonders, picturesque landscapes and scenic attractions. If you’re a first time visitor looking to take a trip there, we’ve done all the work just for you. All you have to do, is follow this comprehensive week-long itinerary and voila! An unforgettable road trip in Taiwan awaits you.

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Day 1: Singapore to Taoyuan     

An overview of Taoyuan | Image Credit: Pang Yu Liu

Kickstart your Taiwan adventure with… Delicious street food and shopping of course!

At Daxi Old Street, you’ll be able to take in the sight of quaint architectures, specially fashioned and designed to reflect the spirit of olden Taiwan. There are plenty of gourmet options as well, ranging from street food to small eateries. You won’t want to miss this chance to snap photos for the gram!

Only a half hour drive away from Daxi Old Street, Zhongli Xinming Night Market is one of the most popular and well-known night markets in Taiwan, famed for its stinky tofu, snake soup, cheap trinkets and clothes. For those who want to experience a night full of fun and wonder, this is the place to be!

Day 2: Taoyuan to Taipei to Hualien

National Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall | Image Credit: edwin.11

Take the high speed rail from Taoyuan to Taipei and visit the National Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall where a bronze statue of the legendary man himself awaits! There’s also a museum below the hall where Chiang’s life and career are chronicled, alongside other exhibitions detailing the rich history and culture of Taiwan.

Don’t worry about not having enough time to explore Taipei, because you’ll be coming back here on the last day of your trip!

Jiufen | Image Credit: Jirka Matousek

Next up is Jiufen, a small town that was originally founded in the Qing Dynasty and put together by the Japanese during the gold mining boom of the early 1890s. Now replete with an array of Chinese and Japanese inspired cafes, tea houses, restaurants and gift shops, you’re sure to have an amazing time shopping, eating and exploring!

For fans of anthropology or geography, head to the Lanyang Museum in Yilan County located approximately an hour away. Sneak a peek into some of the many local folklores and historical attractions of Eastern Taiwan and don’t forget to snap some photographs of this architectural beauty too!

On a see-food diet? Have lunch at the small fishing town of Nanfang Ao and indulge in a sumptuous yet affordable seafood feast of mussels, crab, fish, shrimp and the like. You’ll never get seafood any fresher than this!

Cisingtan Beach | Image credit: Billy1125

Afterwards, head down to Nantien Temple and drive along the Suhua Highway National Road, one of the most scenic drives in Asia, before retiring at Cisingtan Scenic Area in the evening. There’s nothing quite like taking a relaxing stroll along Cisingtan Beach, famed for being one of the most beautiful beaches in Taiwan. Boasting a pebbly coastline and sparkling turquoise waters, close your eyes, take a deep breath of fresh ocean air, and you’ll be instantly refreshed and recharged.

Day 3: Hualien to Taitung

On day three, visit the Linzi and Tea Center where you can learn about the medicinal properties of certain products sold there. You won’t want to miss this chance to stock up on some goodies for your elders back home!

Taroko National Park | Image Credit: Tomas Fano

Proceed to Taroko National Park afterwards, one of Taiwan’s nine national parks known for its marbled canyons, dense flora and epic highlands. Inside Taroko National Park is the Eternal Spring Temple, named after the spring water that runs next to it 24/7. Take this opportunity to pay your respects to the 226 military personnel who passed on when the Central Cross Island Highway was being built. Do check out the Taroko Memorial Arch Building located nearby as well.

Afterwards, head down to Rei Suei Farm and take in the gorgeous sights of livestock and vast green fields! There are plenty of animals – peacocks, goats and horses amongst others – for you to pet at their small petting zoo, and even a cafe cum gift shop that sells desserts and coffee using the milk produced by the farm’s own cows. Say moooo!

Finally, head to the Taitung Toyugi Hot Spring for the night. In addition to its huge indoor and outdoor hot springs, there are plenty of saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for you to have a soaking good time! Don’t forget to bring your swimming costume and swimming cap!

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Day 4: Taitung to Kaohsiung

Baisha Bay, Kenting National Park | Image Credit: Wenchieh Yang

Travel to Pingtung County early in the morning to visit Kenting National Park, Cape Eluanbi, Dapeng Bay and the Black Dwarf Cave before heading for Kaohsiung.

Once in Kaohsiung, check out the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center. Not only does the center allegedly store a tooth relic of the founder of Buddhism, there are also plenty of beautiful pagodas, pavilions and shrines for you to pose with and take photographs of!

For lunch, try the delicious Hakka foods offered at the Mei Non Hakka Village! Only an hour and a half’s drive from Kaohsiung City, you’ll be treated to wondrous views such as the Yellow Butterfly Valley, the famous Rice Noodle Street and an abundance of oil paper umbrellas. Sweet!

Dragon Tiger Tower | Image Credit: Blair-39

Following this, visit the Spring and Autumn Pavilions located in the Zuoying District of Kaohsiung as well as the Dragon Tiger Tower nearby as well.

Both complexes have a rich history and are palatial, bright and colourful – a real treat for the senses. Connected to each other via the 9-Bend Bridge, they make a great spot for lotus viewing in the summer!

Before you unwind at your hotel for the night, stop over at the Leo Ho Night Market for some seafood supper and light shopping. Go ahead and feast your heart out – it’s the best way to end a day well-spent!

Day 5: Kaohsiung to Taichung

Sun Moon Lake | Image Credit: Pang Yu Liu

Head to Nantou County to take a boat ride on Sun Moon Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan!

As one of Taiwan’s designated national scenic areas, Sun Moon Lake is privy to a flurry of tourist activity every year. Visit during the Mid-Autumn Festival Season and you’ll get the chance to check out fireworks, laser shows and concerts held during the annual Swimming Carnival! Whilst there, remember to visit the palatial Wenwu Temple as well.

Grilled squid at Fengjia Night Market | Image Credit: Connie

In the evening, take a tour around Fengjia Night Market for a bustling night out filled with Taiwanese street food and a wide range of shopping goods! Be sure to try out some of the most raved about Taiwanese delicacies including Taiwanese sausage, fried mushrooms and mee sua before comfortably retiring to bed!

Day 6: Taichung to Taipei

Taipei 101 | Image Credit: 中岑 范姜

Once in Taipei, head to the National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine. Built to honour the lives and sacrifices of the Kuomintang soldiers during the Chinese Civil War, explore the grounds and be awed by the fascinating Chinese architecture and the changing guard ceremony.

You’ll also want to head to the Chinese Handicraft Mart for some last minute souvenir shopping. From tea sets to scrolls, be treated to a wide array of high-quality Taiwanese products that will make great gifts for your loved ones!

Raohe Night Market | Image Credit: Gordon Cheung

Other must-see places to visit include the Taipei 101 (check out their observatory!) and the Raohe Street Night Market where you’ll be dazzled by the multitude of gastronomic offerings. From black pepper buns to savoury beef noodles, grilled squid, and more, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice! Fashion retail stores also line both ends of Raohe Street Night Market, so you can indulge your shopaholic tendencies too. Affordable and chic, you won’t be able to resist the latest styles and trendy accessories sold here for sure.

Day 7: Taipei to Singapore

On your final day, head to Taoyuan Airport and fly back to Singapore.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a foodie, shopaholic or nature buff because there’s something for everyone in Eastern Taiwan. From the awe-inspiring Taroko Gorge to the picturesque temples and touristy night markets, you’re bound to have a wonderful time here!

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