Piano House That is Literally Shaped as a Piano

Piano House That is Literally Shaped as a Piano

This interesting piano house is not a music school, but an exhibition of upcoming projects that has received many tourists and even wedding shoots!

piano house

The piano house may seem like a music school, it’s actually a creative building that showcases the future plans and objectives for the newly created district. Huainan City in China is home to one of the most curious, building that is built with misleading musical instrument shapes. Recently, this innovative building is becoming more than just an exhibition when tourists are hoarding around the area to witness this 50:1 built to scale building. Even newly wed couples are flocking in to get their wedding shoots here.

At night, the piano and the violin blend in with the dark, leaving behind the luminous acrylic outline that will leave you dumbfounded with magnanimity.

If summer is too overwhelming for you, you can also hide underneath the piano, where the tourists and locals lounge is and sip a cup of ice coffee while quietly enjoy the serenity that this place brings.

32.623847, 116.994712,Huainan, Anhui, China

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