20 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit East Java

20 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit East Java

Breathtaking volcanoes, waterfalls and hills… East Java is perfect for anyone looking for an adventure!

With breathtaking panoramas, East Java (Jawa Timur) is one of Indonesia’s many gems. Java’s least densely populated province has enough marvels to keep you entertained and spellbound. Surabaya, the regional capital, has the right amount of attitude for a rapidly growing Indonesian city with much to offer. Drive a few hours from the city centre and you’ll arrive in a whole new world… one with towering peaks and smoking volcanoes.

1. With breathtaking views all around, you will have to pinch yourself to believe it’s real

Image credit: C.K. Ng

2. Set your alarms early as you do not want to miss the beautiful sunrise

Image credit: Romain Pontida

3. Why not try some local snacks after your morning hike?

4. Live your ultimate fantasies of becoming an adventure hero and ride a jeep!

Image credit: ShutterMonKey

5. A peep into hell: Hear the eerie grumble of Mt Bromo’s crater

Image credit: Comepradz

6. Marvel at the grandeur of Mt Semeru in the distance

Image credit: GokuPhoto

7. Pretend you’ve landed on another planet at the Sea of Sand

Image credit: whitehart1882

8. Camp overnight under a million stars at Ranu Kumbolo

Image credit: Herdik.herlambang

9. Get drenched under the majestic Madakaripura waterfall

Image credit: Isen Majjent

10. Explore “little Africa” in East Java, the Baluran National Park

Image credit: Fajar Adiartha

11. … where you can chill with water buffalos during sunset!

Image credit: Candra Firmansyah

12. Or how about these super adorable deer (Javan Rusa)?

Image credit: Candra Firmansyah

13. Acidic beauty: Be blown away by the beautiful turquoise lake at Kawah Ijen

Image credit: Claire Andre

14. Roses are red… some flames are blue. It’s so beautiful, I promise you

Image credit: Dodi Mulyana

15. Run away from cringy captions and enjoy some personal time on Red Island

Image credit: Fitri Yohanto

16. Catch the beautiful bright lights of the Suramadu National Bridge

Image credit: Jenvendes

17. Relive your inner childhood at the breathtaking Teletubbies hills

Image credit: MmUH-07

18. Indulge in succulent traditional satay unlike any other!

Image credit: Crisco 1492

19. If that’s not convincing enough… empal gepuk (Indonesian sweet and spicy fried beef dish) might do the trick

Image credit: Gunawan Kartapranata

20. But if you’re going for the full Indonesian experience… the traditional nasi campur is a must-have!

Image credit: Paulus68

Listen carefully and hear the mountains calling for you! With these many things to do, you will not be disappointed with living your adventure fantasies in East Java.

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