British Airways Launches “Basic” Fares for Flights Between London and Singapore

British Airways Launches “Basic” Fares for Flights Between London and Singapore

This stripped-back fare does not include check-in baggage or seat selection.

Catering to the demands of the no-frills traveller, British Airways has launched “basic” fares on several long-haul routes. This new passenger fare scheme, which is the cheapest of the range, does not include check-in baggage.

Those opting for the basic fare will still have a generous hand luggage allowance of up to 23kg. Complimentary food and refreshments, blankets, and in-flight entertainment are included. Seat selection is available for £20 (S$37) each way.

A test booking for return flights from London to Singapore costs £282 outbound and £177 inbound, totalling up to £459 (S$857.50) for a return trip.

It is important to note that the basic fares are available only for return flights that depart from London for the first leg of the journey. A check of flights from Singapore to London on British Airways reveals only the Standard Economy fares which include 23kg checked baggage and free seat choice from 24 hours before departure.

The basic fare is, therefore, most relevant to Singaporeans who are working or studying in the UK and would like to make a short trip back home. Travellers looking for cheap flights from Singapore to London still have the option of flying with low-cost carrier Norwegian.

This stripped-back basic fare on British Airways is reportedly £60 (S$112) cheaper than the standard return fare. They are ideal for travellers who are happy to fly without a check-in baggage or a seat of their choice – in exchange for lower prices, of course.

Other routes that will be offering the basic fares are London to Dubai, Hong Kong, Delhi, Austin, Boston, Denver, Oakland, Philadelphia and Punta Cana.

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