Places in Australia with Absolutely Stunning Sunsets

Places in Australia with Absolutely Stunning Sunsets

Australia is home to some of the most spectacular sunsets.

I am a huge sucker for amazing sunsets. There’s just something about the sun sinking below the horizon amidst streaks of vibrant colours that’s simply breathtaking – and I’m sure that most of you feel the same way! After all, the Internet wouldn’t be full of sunset pics for nothing!

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However, did you know that one of the best countries for sunset-watching is less than 6 hours away? Yes, I’m talking about Australia! Here are some places in Australia where you can view the most amazing sunsets. Enjoy!

1. Byron Bay, NSW

Image credit: David Taus

Take a trip to most easterly point of mainland Australia and you’ll come across Byron Bay. There seems to be no shortage of colours over here as the sunset’s known to have its intense mixture of reds, golds and purples. Take a stroll by the beach with the waves lapping gently at your ankles, or head up to Cape Byron Lighthouse and be wowed by the insane views from up there. Either way, be sure to have your camera ready, because there won’t be any sunsets like this back home! Who knows, you might even strike gold and catch sight of a dolphin in the distance!

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge, NSW

Image credit: Bridgeclimb Sydney

Have you tried watching a sunset from a high vantage point? If you haven’t, then you have to try it! Forget about the brilliant colours for just a moment, and imagine yourself watching the sun drift below the horizon – but from above. Watch in quiet contemplation and revel in the appreciation for the world around you. Of course, the best place to do this is with Bridgeclimb Sydney! They seem to know people like us so well, because you get to climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset.

Want to feel like you’re on top of the world? Make sure to check out the different climbing sessions with BridgeClimb Sydney – with prices going from AU$158, the view will surely take your breath away. After all, take it from us – there’s no place better to watch the sunset than from the very top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

3. Twelve Apostles, Victoria

Image credit: Chiu Kang

Great Ocean Road has to be the most scenic road in Victoria – and, of course, there’s no better place for a sunset pic than the Twelve Apostles! There’s just something about the way the dying sunlight hits the rugged rock formations, painting them in a muted, red hue. Oh, and did I mention the crashing waves beneath you or the stretch of coastal scenery as far as your eyes can see? Your sunset-watching experience will be an incredibly awe-inspiring one.

4. Uluru/Ayer’s Rock, Northern Territory

Image credit: Andy Tyler

There’s no picture that screams “AUSTRALIA” more than the one of Uluru/Ayer’s Rock. But have you seen the place at sunset? Boy oh boy, are you missing out! If you thought that sunset colours were vibrant, wait till you witness the fading light catch onto every shift and contour of the giant rock and turn it into the most magnificent shade of reddish-brown. Ayer’s Rock being situated in the middle of Australia means that you have to travel a fair bit, but all that weariness will soon dissipate as soon as you’ve laid eyes on this view at sunset.

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5. Mindil Beach, Darwin, Northern Territory

Image credit: Alexander Lavrov

Some of the best sunset-watching experiences are shared with a group of people, and there’s no better place to do that than Mindil Beach in Darwin! Watch the day slowly come to a close after doing some shopping at the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, and plonk yourself down onto the delightfully soft sand at the beach. Here’s the best thing: you don’t have to fight for a nice spot, because there are SO MANY! You could seat yourself down on the beach, or you could head over to the Dripstone Cliffs or the East Point Reserve for the most smashing views coupled with the sunset. Nothing better you could ask for, amirite?

6. Glenelg, South Australia

Image credit: Michael

You often have to push past hordes of people in famous sunset-watching places like Santorini just to get a good spot. Let me tell you, there won’t be any of that nonsense in this cosy little suburb in Southern Australia! There won’t be as chill a place to watch a sunset as Glenelg. Take a stroll down the Glenelg Pier with a drink in hand and witness the intense colours cast the coastal village in a warm, reddish hue. Get those cameras ready, because this one is sure to WOW your Instagram followers!

7. Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Image credit: ShaaronS.

Kakadu National Park is a thing of beauty by itself. I mean, with its vast stretches of greenery, rugged scattering of rock formations, and teeming with wildlife, what more is there to ask for, right? That’s because you haven’t seen this place during sunset! The park takes on a whole new life entirely as the sun descends behind the vast expanse of trees and bathes the park in a warm, golden hue that is bound to leave you awestruck. Take it from me, guys – if spellbinding had a location in its definition, it would be the Kakadu National Park at sunset.

8. West Beach, South Australia

Sunset-watching can be a rather personal experience. There’s just something very intimate about watching a sunset when you’re sitting quietly by a remote beach and looking on as the sun descends below the ocean line and bathes the sky in warm, golden hues. If you can relate to this, make your way over to West Beach in Southern Australia pronto! The best thing? NO CROWDS. Enjoy your sunset-watching experience in peace, you quiet soul.

9. Cable Beach, Western Australia

Image credit: Josh Janssen

Guys. Guys. You can’t say you’ve gone sunset-watching in Australia until you’ve done it on Cable Beach. The experience here is almost otherworldly – the sky will blaze with its brilliant reds and golds, and if you’re lucky, you’ll also witness the amazing Staircase to the Moon phenomena. Don’t know what that is? It’s when a full moon rises over the tidal flats of Roebuck Bay and creates the illusion of a ‘staircase’ that leads up the moon, hence the name. Of course, if you want to make this experience even more special, simply hop onto a camel’s back and make your way down the coast! Why, it’s simply magic at its finest.

10. Busselton, Western Australia

Image credit: Russell Charters

If you ever find yourself in Busselton, man you’re in for a real treat. Not only is there the special old-town feeling that emanates from every brick and stone of this town, you can also treat yourself to the most majestic views of the sunset on Busselton’s Jetty! Get ready for a unique sunset-watching experience as you take in the most majestic colours streaking across the sky. From the brilliant reds and golds to the tinges of indigo, blue, and purple, you’ll wish that it’ll stay like that forever and that the night will never come.

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Have these sunsets wowed you? I bet they have! Trip to Australia, anyone?

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