6 Types of Winning Pictures You Should Take While in Australia

6 Types of Winning Pictures You Should Take While in Australia

A collection of winning photos from a recent Pictive campaign which prove that Australia is a photographer’s paradise.

“I hate seeing beautiful pictures of places around the world,” said no one ever.

So it’s no surprise that we have curated some of the best Australia pictures that will spark your wanderlust. Pictive, a Mobile Photography’s Marketplace, recently held a campaign where they invited photographers to submit their favourite photo(s) of Australia and these are the winning pictures. Here’s your chance to discover how beautiful the country is through the eyes of some talented individuals.

Who knows, you might just be inspired to have your very own getaway Down Under! We’ve gone ahead and categorised them under the six types of pictures you should take while in the country.

1. Pictures of picturesque landscapes

Australia’s diverse landscapes are spectacular – from rolling sand dunes and semi-arid desert to verdant rainforests and mangrove swamps. Just step out of the city to be greeted by nature’s full glory. Whether you’re cruising through a scorching desert or hiking up the Australian Alps, the views will compel you to whip out your camera to capture raw, stunning beauty.

Image credit: Pictive Photographer – Dawson W @dawson_accidently

Photographer’s caption: Gloucester Tree 72 metres up. This tree is located in one of Western Australia’s national parks. I believe it was used as a fire-lookout before it was a tourist attraction. It’s pretty easy to climb and definitely worth the views. Would recommend climbing to the top in time for sunset.

2. Pictures of incredible coastlines

Australia is a land of spellbinding coastlines, with more than 10,000 beaches lining its shores. Take a stroll and lose yourself in the dramatic scenery.

If you’re up for more adventure, drive the Legendary Pacific Coast Self Drive which stretches between Sydney and Brisbane. Experience the best of New South Wales and take in plenty of awe-inspiring coastal views while on this epic drive. You can also go sailing in the heavenly Whitsundays, or get off the beaten path and into Tasmania, an island off Australia’s southern coast.

Image credit: Pictive Photographer – Melanie H. @100differentplaces

Photographer’s caption: Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays, Queensland. Photographed from a helicopter.

Image credit: Pictive Photographer – Sam Song @juzimolly

Photographer’s caption: This photo was taken in Bay of fires, Tasmania, during my family’s island trip. A father was playing with his kids on the reef under the sunshine. In my opinion, Australia’s best wealth is its abundance of nature to enjoy.

3. Pictures of the hauntingly beautiful beaches and waves

With beautiful coastlines come beautiful beaches. White sand beaches, black sand beaches, pebble beaches, rocky beaches, surfing beaches – you want it, Australia has it. If you know where to look, you can even find a piece of paradise to call your own for the day.

Image credit: Pictive Photographer – Dawson W @dawson_accidently

Photographer’s caption: Black Point, Western Australia. Black Point has great spots to set up camp and holds some pretty insane scenery. Each side of the point has fantastic views – volcanic rock formations, cliff-coastlines, and beautiful beaches. The surf is pretty decent on a good day, but it’s possible to surf almost any time.

Image credit: Pictive Photographer – Mike @hidynamix

Photographer’s caption: SS dicky’s final day before being removed. The wreck is located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and has been there 122 years.

Image credit: Pictive Photographer – Dawson W @dawson_accidently

Photographer’s caption: Sunset over Black Point, Western Australia. I would definitely stop for a few days at Black Point if travelling to Western Australia again – a huge must-see!

4. Pictures of your epic road trip

For a great adventure, rent a car, campervan, or even a 4WD in Australia and embark on an epic road trip. Grab some travel buddies and drive along the coast from city to city or into the Australian outback.

A fantastic road trip is the Victoria Great Southern Touring Route which promises the ultimate nature, wildlife and gourmet experience. This journey, which begins and ends in Melbourne, will bring you to the Twelve Apostles, the Otways, and the Bellarine Peninsula, among others.  

Image credit: Pictive Photographer – Dawson W @dawson_accidently

Photographer’s caption: Best day ever. This spot is about 4 miles east of Black Point. Fairly rugged terrain only accessible by 4WD (would recommend lifted 4WD). This beach goes for miles of spotless beautiful white sand. Usually nobody else will be there but occasionally a fisherman or two will park on the beach. There is no surf in this area but it is still an incredible place. From this spot I saw the most incredible sunset I have ever laid my eyes on. Definitely a great place.

5. Pictures of iconic attractions

Australia’s nature is magnificent and all, but hey, their cities are pretty amazing too! Talk about the best of both worlds. Sydney is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest cities, home to iconic attractions like the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. And just like how you should hop on the City Circle Tram in Melbourne, you should also ride the Wheel of Brisbane when in Brisbane.

Image credit: Pictive Photographer – Jim @flypixar

Photographer’s caption: Towering at a remarkable height of almost 60 metres, the Wheel of Brisbane (WOB) has 42 air-conditioned capsules with a total passenger capacity of about 336 at any one time. Located at the northern entrance of the South Bank Parklands by the Brisbane River, a ride on this mega-structure which spans for a duration of approximately 12 minutes, provides a 360-degree view of the city of Brisbane. A must visit for tourists young and old!

6. Pictures of subjects in pensive mood

Whether in the city or out in the wilderness, there is always time on your vacation to contemplate your life and the world. Snap a picture of yourself in pensive mood – it’ll make for a fantastic photo.

Image credit: Pictive Photographer – Fi @photogra_fi

Photographer’s caption: Bondi Beach is not just a great location for photographers; it’s also an awesome place to sit and watch the world pass by. This photo was taken from the Southern end of the beach, just past Bondi Icebergs. The coastal walk from here leads the way South down to Coogee Beach and further. I love taking photos around Sydney’s Eastern beaches – there is always something or someone to watch and over the winter months from the top of the cliffs you might also be lucky enough to spot some of the migrating whales.

Image credit: Pictive Photographer – Jordan Trickey @jtrickey

Photographer’s caption: With views like this, Australia is an adventurer’s paradise.

Don’t these pictures just make you want to pack up your bags and hop on the next flight to Australia?

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