The Water Airbnbs: Are Boat and Yacht Rental Companies Worth It?

Love Airbnb? Book These Similar Services But for Boats and Yachts

The water crafts you can rent include jet skis, houseboats, and even yachts!

Scouring Airbnb will often reward you with the prettiest and sometimes most unconventional accommodations around the world. However, its website and application don’t necessarily show definite options when you want something beyond a usual staycation. Say, the chance to book a private boat or yacht for affordable adventures out in the sea?

This is where online marketplaces with the same overall nature as Airbnb step in. Only, rather than apartments, houses, and hotels, they offer boat and yacht rentals directly from owners and operators. This way, you can explore the waters and relax in your private vessel like how you’ve always (most probably) wanted. And if you love the water that much, it’s a great opportunity to experience it without the crowd, and for a lot less money!

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Airbnbs for boats and what they offer

TripSavvy, a website that posts insights by travel experts rather than anonymous social media users, reviewed international boat and yacht rental services. Taking into account factors such as destinations covered and affordability, among other things, they revealed the key strengths and weaknesses of these companies in the hope of helping travellers find the service that they need.

Yacht Rental

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One of the biggest and most established boat and yacht rental companies, GetMyBoat is by far the best overall sea-cation provider. According to TripSavvy, it has “excellent independent and media reviews and for its vast selection of boats and destinations.” Based in San Francisco, United States of America (USA), GetMyBoat has more than 130,000 registered boats in 184 countries and territories, including Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines in Southeast Asia.

The available water crafts consist of jet skis, powerboats, houseboats, and sailing yachts. But, there could be more depending on where you go! Choosing among listings is also incredibly easy. This is courtesy of filters that let you search by a vessel’s capacity, cost, and even whether you prefer to have a captain or not. For bookings outside the USA, there’s also an additional fee on top of the quoted price.

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Are boat and yacht rentals worth it?

Aside from GetMyBoat, similar companies offering boat and yacht rentals are making it easier for travellers to be flexible in their vacation plans. Not far behind the San Francisco-based company, Boatsetter prides itself on being one of the world’s first fully-insured, peer-to-peer boat and yacht rentals. This time, services are mainly centred around the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

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TripSavvy also recognises Click&Boat, which is best for bareboat or captain-less boat charters; SamBoat best for Europe vacationers; and Budget Yacht Charters for the most affordable do-it-yourself boat and yacht rental services. For luxury charters, there’s Yacht Charter Fleet. If you’re into learning how to operate boats, a company called Zizoo provides veterans who’ll guide you through the experience. This certainly beats just riding them!

The difference between these companies and boat and yacht providers is that they’re generally cheaper. And yet, they’re safe for the average traveller. There’s also a wider range of water crafts (think jet skis and kayaks, too) up for rental in various destinations. That being said, even if you’re not enjoying a holiday in luxury and in luxurious destinations, you’ll have access to a myriad of water experiences that were once only accessible by those with a bigger budget.

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