Travelling Spontaneously Can Make You Happier, According to Studies!

New Studies Suggest That Travelling Spontaneously Can Make You Happier!

Here's the research behind it.

Before we begin, let me just say that we celebrate all types of travellers here in TripZilla. Whether you’re a spontaneous traveller or someone who follows your itinerary down to the last detail, we’ll be the first to say, “You do you!”. That said, we also like to look at two sides of the same coin, and encourage all our readers to step out of their comfort zone every once in a while to try out different styles of travelling!

This time, we’re picking the brain of spontaneous travellers through a recent 2020 study conducted by a UK market research company called OnePoll. After handing out a survey to 2,000 American respondents, the researchers found that people who considered themselves spontaneous were 40% more likely to see themselves as a happy person; as well as being 38% more likely to feel content with their lives. 

Disclaimer: Dear TZ readers, please stay at home until the coronavirus pandemic subsides. If that’s clear, then let’s proceed!

How does this relate to spontaneous travelling?

With all the joys and experiences that travelling presents, it isn’t surprising to see a lot of travellers in this day and age not thinking twice about booking neat flight deals, along with other spontaneous travel opportunities. 

Indeed, even OnePoll’s survey results found that 59% of the respondents made huge spontaneous decisions in the past, which included travel-related moves, mainly, booking a last-minute flight to Europe and moving to a brand new country; to add, the survey shows that 72% of the respondents feel happier when they make spur-of-the-moment decisions. 

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Out of 2,000 respondents, 56% have travelled spontaneously in the last five years, and from this population, 88% felt happier afterwards. In addition, results showed that the respondents look to outdoor activities in seizing the spontaneous moments that ultimately make them happy. 

With respect to the coronavirus-related lockdowns, the study showed that 81% from the survey population want to go sight-seeing, fishing, hiking, and camping, among other excursions, once travellers get the green light to wander to different places again!

Does this mean spontaneous travellers are happier than planners?

No, not necessarily. In the end, a person’s happiness with his or her travels will always boil down to what style he or she prefers. An itinerary-faithful traveller, for instance, could go on a spontaneous trip and find that she did feel happy after her adventure. That doesn’t invalidate the fact though, that she could still feel much happier and fulfilled had she done it her way; that is, ironing things out prior to the trip and sticking to the plan. 

What’s equally important to remember is that the study doesn’t directly compare spontaneous travellers to any other type of traveller. It simply shows us how spontaneous travelling has affected the mental health and emotional disposition of other travellers in a positive way. And maybe it could do the same for you too!

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Therefore, we still say go ahead and see what spontaneous travels can do for you after the pandemic is eliminated! No matter what type of traveller you are, trying something out of the ordinary will always be part of your growth. You’ve got the research to prove it!

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