14 Best Things to Do in Taichung for Every Traveller

14 Best Things to Do in Taichung for Every Traveller

Don’t miss these trendy places and activities on your Taichung trip!

You might have heard about the waves of extreme cold weather that have recently swept across many countries, such as South Korea and Germany. Fret not: If you’re looking for a fun destination that offers good weather practically the whole year round, we have a lovely recommendation for you: Taichung City. In all seasons, Taichung is blessed with mild weather and moderate temperatures, making it a fantastic place to visit at any time of the year. 

While Taichung is a relatively lesser-known city in Taiwan compared to the capital, Taipei, it is a beautiful hidden gem that has a wealth of treasures to offer: lush ecosystems, a thriving food culture, and a lively yet relaxing atmosphere. Here, you’ll find nature coexisting harmoniously with modernity. Ready for specifics? In this article, we bring you some of the best things to do in Taichung. 

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Fun things to do in Taichung for your upcoming trip to Taiwan

1. Go biking along the Hou-Feng Bike Path

Cycling is featured in many Taiwanese movies, and it’s quite easy to understand why, because Taiwan is full of fun, well-paved cycling routes that run through scenic landscapes. In Taichung, there’s the Hou-Feng Bike Path, a charming mountain route stretching 5.8km long and taking about an hour to complete.

The landscape views along this route are breathtaking. You’ll get to cycle through the famous No. 9 Tunnel and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Dajia River Valley. The Hou-Feng Bike Path connects famous spots such as the Dajia River Steel Bridge, and the route ends at the Houli Railway Station. Cycling here is one of the best things to do in Taichung to get the full Taiwan experience.

Location: Section 3, Guofeng Rd, Fengyuan District, Taichung City

2. Cycle to coastal hideouts along the Taichung City Seaside Bikeway – Daan Section

If you’re looking for a longer cycling route, then this one might be the one for you! The Taichung City Seaside Bikeway (Daan Section) route is 15.1km long and offers splendid coastal views. You can cycle on this bikeway to reach scenic seaside sites such as Daan Beach and Daan River Bridge. This route takes about 2 hours to complete.

This route starts from Linjiang Road and ends at the intersection of Nanan Road and Nanpu Embankment.

Location: Dajia District, Da’an District

3. Experience flourishing nature at Gaomei Wetlands 

Gaomei Wetlands Taichung

Image credit: Meiyi524 via Canva Pro

The Gaomei Wetlands is a very famous spot in Taichung, boasting an abundance of plants and animals. It’s an amazing location for bird-watching as it attracts lots of migratory birds across seasons, particularly in fall and winter. This hidden gem is also celebrated for its gorgeous sunsets! It’s one of the best places to visit in Taichung as a nature lover.

There is a boardwalk for visitors to walk around the wetlands without getting their shoes muddy. However, you’re free to soak your feet in the water to get up close and personal with nature if you’d like!

Location: Meidi St, Qingshui District, Taichung City

4. Get an adrenaline rush at Lihpao Land 

Lihpao Land Taichung

Image credit: Anton Fratila via Canva Pro

Lihpao Land is the largest resort park in Taiwan, boasting both an amusement park (Exploration Park) and a water park (Mala Bay)! It is well-loved by children and adults alike.

The Exploration Park is full of awesome thrill rides which will be perfect for you if you’re craving some adventure. Notably, it contains the unique Earth Rescue ride, which is the world’s only high-altitude broken rail roller coaster. For thrill-seekers chasing an adrenaline rush, this is one of the best things to do in Taichung!

On the other hand, Mala Bay offers 13 exciting water rides, including child-friendly rides! It’s a great place to hang out with friends and bond as a family. Take note, however, that Mala Bay is open only during summer.

Location: No. 8號, Furong Rd, Houli District, Taichung City

5. Learn about science and ecology at the National Museum of Natural Science 

Do you have a child who’s always bored and finds it hard to stay still? If so, this museum will be pure joy for your child. The National Museum of Natural Science is one of the most popular museums in Taiwan, for good reason. It contains dozens of exhibits that cover various fields of knowledge including astronomy, ecology, and plants. 

What’s even more delightful is that many of these exhibits are interactive and hands-on — they are both fun and educational! This museum is well-loved by locals and tourists from all age groups, and is renowned as one of the best places to visit in Taichung to learn about science and ecology! You can easily spend three or more hours exploring the museum.

Location: No. 1號, Guanqian Rd, North District, Taichung City

6. Watch the beer-making process and shop for beer-related products at Wuri Brewery and Wuri Beer Market

Calling all beer enthusiasts! Wuri Brewery is a major brewery in Taiwan and is famous for producing the internationally acclaimed Golden Medal Taiwan Beer. Here, you can observe how different types of beer are produced, and you can even choose to book a personal tour around the place. There’s even a beer museum inside!

Additionally, there are many good restaurants and shops around the brewery, all collectively known as the Wuri Beer Market. In this market, you can find lots of beer-related products. There are even craft beer workshops in which you can try different beer flavours, so the beer market is easily among the most fun places to visit in Taichung if you have an appreciation for beer. You’re bound to have a beer-y good time here!

Location: No. 1號, Guanghua St, Wuri District, Taichung City

7. Admire cherry blossoms at Wuling Farm 

Wuling Farm Taichung cherry blossoms

Image credit: Dapa Images via Canva Pro

Spring is approaching, and that means the blooming of cherry blossoms! Though Japan and South Korea often receive the most attention as must-visit cherry blossom destinations, we believe Taichung deserves more appreciation for its lovely cherry blossoms.

Surrounded by high mountains, Wuling Farm is known for its vast expanse of breathtaking cherry blossom trees and its cherry blossom festivals which you can catch during springtime (around February). The farm is also beautiful to visit in the harvest seasons of summer and autumn. It’s one of the best places to visit in Taichung for cherry blossom viewing!

An added bonus is that Taichung is relatively more affordable to travel to compared to cities in Japan or South Korea, so it’s a great place to visit if you’re on a stricter budget.

Location: No. 3-1號, Wuling Rd, Heping District, Taichung City, Taiwan 42495

8. Enjoy more cherry blossoms at Dongshih Forest Garden

Another place in Taichung in which you can view cherry blossoms is the Dongshih Forest Garden. While it is more low-key than Wuling Farm, it is certainly worth visiting. During springtime, cherry blossoms bloom beautifully and you can even spot fireflies at night! Other than cherry blossoms, Dongshih Forest Garden also has lovely maple trees, cedar trees, and acacias. If you’re passionate about flowers and trees, visiting this garden will be one of the coolest things to do in Taichung. Don’t miss this sweet spot!

Location: No. 6-1號, Shilin St, Dongshi District, Taichung City

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9. See colourful artworks and explore history at Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village is more than an aesthetic Instagrammable spot – its existence tells a triumphant local story. Before it became Rainbow Village, it was a housing settlement for military veterans. When the government planned to demolish the settlement in 2007, Huang Yong-fu, a military veteran who had lived there for much of his life, painted many houses as a farewell to his beloved home. But Huang’s artworks unexpectedly went viral, leading to a successful petition against the planned demolition. Eventually, the government preserved the place as a public park, which is the Rainbow Village that’s fondly known today. 

Many of the artworks depict the simple joys of life, such as familial love and dreams for the future. Since the village reopened in early 2023 after a strengthening project, some new artworks have been added by volunteer artists. Rainbow Village is easily one of the best places to visit in Taichung if you love art and history!

Location: Lane 56, Chun’an Road, Nantun District, Taichung City

10. Immerse yourself in a sea of flowers at Zhongshe Flower Market

For flower lovers, visiting the Zhongshe Flower Market is among the best things to do in Taichung because the market is truly a floral wonderland. It features a gorgeous range of flowers that change beautifully with the seasons, and it’s especially dazzling during springtime when the tulips and lilies bloom! Needless to say, the market is a popular photography spot — many locals even take wedding photographs here. Visitors may also pick strawberries during the strawberry picking season from December to April. 

Location: No. 333號, Section 5, Sanfeng Rd, Houli District, Taichung City

11. Go for a romantic stroll at Liuchuan Canal Waterfront

Also known as the Liuchuan Riverside Walk, the Liuchuan Canal Waterfront is a very popular spot for couples to walk together at night when the canal transforms into a romantic, fairytale-like setting with pretty light installations. This is among the most romantic places to visit in Taichung if you love night lights!

Location: Section 3, Liuchuan W Rd, Central District, Taichung City

12. Savour mouth-watering food and enjoy budget-friendly shopping at Feng Chia Night Market 

Taichung Feng Chia Night Market food

Image credit: Yih Chang via Canva Pro

Taiwan’s famous night markets are a huge source of national pride, and Feng Chia Night Market is no exception. Feng Chia is Taichung’s largest night market and among the most famous night markets in the whole of Taiwan!

Eating street food at the night markets is really one of the best things to do in Taichung. At Feng Chia, you can find a wide range of delicacies such as the Feng Chia Four-in-One (which is a mix of jelly fig, tapioca pearls, Kumquat and lemon juice), crepes and takoyaki. You’ll also find more than just food — there is a wide selection of trendy and affordable fashion, as well as affordable electronics. Feng Chia is a stop not to be missed!

Location: Wenhua Rd, Xitun District, Taichung City

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13. Get trendy fashion and electronics at Yizhong Street Night Market

This is another night market in Taichung that is definitely worth visiting. Feng Chia might be in the spotlight, but Yizhong Street Night Market is considerably more accessible from the city centre compared to Feng Chia. Yizhong is conveniently located near several Taichung universities, so it is frequently patronised by students.

Like Feng Chia, Yizhong offers all sorts of amazing food and affordable shopping options. But something that sets Yizhong apart from Feng Chia is that it’s more tailored for young people. If you’re a student hoping to travel on a budget, you’re in for a treat, because Yizhong is one of the best places to visit in Taichung to shop for affordable, trendy fashion.

Location: Yizhong St, North District, Taichung City

14. Enjoy the perfect view of Taichung City at Wangaoliao Night View Park

The Wangaoliao Night View Park truly lives up to its name as it offers a very impressive night view of Taichung City, overlooking key landmarks such as Taichung Port, Taichung City Center, and Lihpao Land. There’s a 180-degree amphitheatre shaped like an arc, in which you can sit and marvel at the view. If you’re into night photography, visiting the Wangaoliao Night View Park is a fantastic opportunity for you to capture stunning night shots, making it one of the best things to do in Taichung. It’s also an amazing place for you to enjoy a peaceful night out with your friends.

Location: No. 601, Zhongtai Rd, Nantun District, Taichung City

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So, are you up for a relaxing yet exciting trip? These fun things to do in Taichung are sure to spice up your trip to Taiwan. Add them to your itinerary now!

Featured image credit: Leung Cho Pan via Canva Pro

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