23 Reasons Why Singaporeans Never Get Sick of Bangkok

23 Reasons Why Singaporeans Never Get Sick of Bangkok

This is why Singaporeans keep returning to Bangkok (again and again)...

One of the most welcoming cities in the world, Bangkok is a destination visitors keep coming back to. While others not in the know think this is merely because of Bangkok’s shopping districts and the locals’ impeccable hospitality, we know better. So here’s why we keep returning to Bangkok at every opportunity:

1. Cab rides to almost ANYWHERE for less than SGD 10

Image Credits: Ilya

2. You can tuk tuk your way around too!

Image Credits: Didier Baertschiger

3. And there’s this addictive plate of goodness

Image Credits: Jonathan Lin

4. You can have Phad Thai for every meal and not get sick of it

Image Credits: pockafwye

5. There are cat cafes where you can cuddle with these adorable kitties!

Image Credits: Beam Borwonputtikun 

6. Thai massages – the perfect way to end a long day of sightseeing and feasting

Image Credits: Tara Angkor Hotel

7. 300 baht (SGD 12) prepaid SIM cards that have one-week unlimited data!

Image Credits: Simon Yeo

8. Street food, street food and more street food

Image Credits: Austronesian Expeditions

9. You can marvel at the intricately detailed Thai handicrafts

Image Credits: Frank Kovalchek

10. Thai Milk Tea is heaven in a glass

Image Credits: Jack Lyons

11. And Thai mango salads are absolutely lip-smacking

Image Credits: Krista

12. Tom Yum Goong is one of the best things you will ever taste in your life!

Image Credits: Thai Jasmine

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13. You can visit unique floating markets with the freshest produce

Image Credits: Felix Weizman

14. Where else can you get long-tailed boat rides?

Image Credits: drburtoni

15. And when you need to refresh yourself, there is coconut ice cream

Image Credits: Twentyfour Students

16. Thai dances are nothing short of spectacular

Image Credits: Jason_Weemin

17. While the Muay Thai shows are guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping

Image Credits: Evan HB

18. Of course, Bangkok is the best place to satisfy your shopping desires

Image Credits: Killerturnip

Special section for Muslim Travellers

19. And it is super easy to find Halal food!

Image Credits: Wasin Waeosri

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20. Do you know that there are over 170 mosques in Bangkok?!

Image Credits: m-louis

21. And yes, there are tonnes of Halal hotels to choose from too!

Image Credits: Matt_weibo

22. The Islamic Centre Mosque of Bangkok is spectacular!

Image Credits: Islamic Foundation of Thailand

23. And check out this Thailand Muslim Friendly app which leads you to Halal-friendly hotels, restaurants and prayer rooms!

A big thank you to Tourism Authority of Thailand (Singapore Office) for the opportunity to discover Bangkok and the many reasons Singaporeans love it so much. 

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