11 Reasons Why Staying on a Greek Island Beats Just Passing Through

11 Reasons Why Staying on a Greek Island Beats Just Passing Through

Greek islands are way too beautiful to only explore in just a day!

Think: sun, sea, sand – the islands of Greece are simply too beautiful to see in the span of just one day. The views are stunning, the food is delicious, and the people are amazing… how does anyone even tear themselves away?!

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Here are eleven reasons why staying a night (or two!) on a Greek Island beats just passing through – one day just ain’t enough to see it all!

1. The views are so picturesque that you’ll want to spend hours taking hundreds of AMAZING photos

reasons stay greek island

Greece undeniably has one of the most picturesque views in the world. Come on, just look at that! From unique colourful houses to the undulating hills and azure beaches… will you even stop snapping that camera?! The hills of Greece’s islands are known to be even more beautiful at night. Pack all your camera batteries and memory cards — you’re going to need them!

2. A year isn’t enough to fully immerse yourself in Greek culture, let alone just one day!

greek islandImage credit: Bernard Gagnon

The best part about travelling is the ability to immerse in local culture. How else will you feel like you’ve truly visited a foreign land? One day would definitely not be enough to go to all the museums, churches or ancient ruins – such history definitely deserves more than just a day of your time. Pop over to the island of Delos for a taste of classical Greece; in fact, the entire island is an UNESCO World Heritage site! For the authentic local experience, the villages in Naxos are definitely worth a visit as well.

3. How else will you have the time to try out the many kickass water sports?

greece water sports

So everybody goes to Greece to explore the historical sites, to do some hiking or to simply laze on the beach. How about something more adrenaline-pumped to shake things up for a change?

Try your hand at sailing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing and many other daredevil activities. Get your hearts racing as you try all the different water sports on offer!

4. Or have the time to hike the volcanoes and mountains?

greece mountains volcanoesImage credit: Tango7174

Greece doesn’t appeal just to lovers of the sea or photography enthusiasts, but holds a special charm for outdoorsy types as well. Some of the islands in Greece are actually volcanic islands, and attract tourists and avid hikers alike. The volcanoes and mountains in the islands of Santorini, Methana, Cos and Milos all deserve an afternoon or two of their own – how often can you say you’ve hiked on a volcano?

5. A glorious tan can never be rushed. Never.

greek beach

You want that fabulous sun-kissed tan? You gotta earn it. An amazing tan can never be rushed, you just gotta put in the hours! Get that tan you’ve always wanted by island-hopping, or by simply lazing on any of the beautiful beaches. Crete’s Elfonisi beach, Santorini’s Red Beach, and Mykonos’ Paradise beach are any beach bum’s paradise. Tip: If you’re a fan of Descendants of the Sun, delight in finding the famous shipwreck at Zakynthos island. Who knows, you just might find your very own Song Joong-ki right here in Greece!

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6. Nor can you rush the art of getting lost on purpose

greek streetImage credit: Ramon Sangüesa

Sometimes, beauty can be found in getting lost in a stranger’s land. Look at it this way: getting lost is just another adventure in itself! Sure, Greek buildings are pretty from afar in photographs, but the best way to really experience Greece is to get up close and personal. Spend a day wandering around and getting lost along the narrow alleys of the charming Greek towns. Stumble upon darling little shops, take countless photos against the stark white walls, or discover beaches hidden from the public eye. There’s no better way to discover the Greek community, its culture and its people!

7. Why, you just won’t be able to get enough of all the fresh seafood

greek seafood

Greece = impossibly fresh seafood. ‘Nuff said. Juicy mussels, shrimp saganaki, lobsters – you name it, you’ve got it. Thanks to the thousands of Greek islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, you’ll be able to gorge yourself with fresh seafood all day, everyday. Make the most out of your stay by spending a day or two on a food trip to Crete, Rhodes and Loutro! Your stomach will thank you later.

8. Or get enough of the outdoor cinemas!

greece outdoor cinemaImage credit: Dahon

Had enough of action and adventure? Chill out with a movie under the stars, with beer in one hand and feta cheese in the other. Outdoor or open-air cinemas are found at Mykonos, Santorini, Rethymnon in Crete as well as Samos Island. Put your feet up, lean back and relaxxxxx. Yep, these outdoor cinemas are a thing in Greece, and there’s honestly no better way to spend the evening!

9. How can you go to Greece and not experience one of the famous sunsets?!

greek sunsetImage credit: Hassan Rafeek

Okay we’re just going to put it out there – you have to catch the sunset in Greece. Period. No two ways about it! Go early to stake out a good spot – the crowds get crazyyyyy in Santorini or Mykonos! Whether you’re travelling solo, with a partner or even with a group, it’s a fantastic way to unwind and cherish the last few minutes of the day. This is the quintessential Greek island experience. Don’t say we didn’t share!

10. Because don’t you know? Food + Sunset = Bliss

sunset dinner greeceImage credit: Andrew Hurley

If you’re not up for jostling with the crowds to capture that perfect sunset shot, your next best bet would be to have a sunset dinner with a spectacular view of the beach. Load up on an amazing seafood dinner or some good old moussaka with a view. Sounds like bliss? You’ve got it.

11. Okay besides the beaches and mountains, how else are you going to party all night?

greek party

Unleash your wild side and dance like there’s no tomorrow! Greece is known for its awesome island parties and wines. Among the best islands to party until dawn are Mykonos, Ios, Rhodes and Kos. If you aren’t into crazy beach parties, there are other bars and clubs for the more “quiet” individuals. In Greece you gotta do as the Greeks do, and that is to partyyyyyyy!

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Don’t you see? If you spend only a day in one of the islands in Greece, you’re definitely going to regret it. Make the most of your stay and spend the night, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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