2 Fun Festivals that Let You Celebrate the Penis Out in the Open

2 Fun Festivals that Let You Celebrate the Penis Out in the Open

There’s the Kanamara Matsuri in Japan and the Bourani Festival in Greece!

Kanamara Matsuri, Japan

Officially started in 1969, the Kanamara Matsuri or Kanamara Festival is hosted in Japan at the Kanayama Shrine as a way to celebrate sex and the LGBT community, as well as raise funds for HIV research.

The myth behind this tradition is all about a demon who fell in love with a woman and hid inside her vagina, biting her newlywed husband’s penis twice! She then sought help from a blacksmith who made her a steel phallus, which shattered the demon’s teeth and eventually vanquished him.

The festival was also popular in the 17th century amongst prostitutes who prayed for protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Kanamara Matsuri is held on the first Sunday of April every year in Kawasaki, Japan. You can take the Keikyu Daishi line and alight at the Kawasaki-Daishi station, which is less than a five-minute walk to the Kanayama Shrine. If you’re keen on attending the Kanamara Festival, keep in mind though, that it still is a matsuri — a festival or celebration held usually in one of Japan’s Shinto shrines. That said, the event may spotlight the male reproductive organ, but it’s still a wholesome celebration characterised by having clean fun for a cause.

These giant phalluses are called ‘Mikoshis’. The two to look out for are the ‘Elizabeth Float’ and the ‘Big Kanamara Mikoshi’.

Image credit: Takanori

Take photos with…dickheads?

Image credit: TV Generic

Look at the sheer number of hands needed to lift that giant willy…

Image credit: Jordon Cheung

During the procession, people wander around while sucking on penis-shaped lollipops.

Image credit: TV Generica

Any Harry Potter fans out there who would be interested in this version of Quidditch?

Image credit: Guilhem Vellut

Bourani Festival, Greece

Another glorious phallic celebration, the annual Bourani Festival is held in Tyrnavos Village, Greece. The event symbolizes the reproduction and fertility of mankind in honour of the ancient Greek god of ecstasy, Dionysus. It usually takes place on the first Monday of ‘Lent’, which marks the beginning of the Greek fasting period for Easter.

The first written record of the festival dates back to 1898. However, it is believed that the people of Tyrnavos have been celebrating it long before that. Unlike the Kanamara Matsuri, which is more religious, participants of the Bourani Festival are encouraged to swear and express profanities during the event.

Many churches have discriminated against the festival but as you can see, the mighty penis still stands tall and strong!

Image credit: ccccomedy

Satisfy yourself with these souvenirs.   

Image credit: travelwithedge

No, this is not the Hindu deity, Ganesha.

Image credit: trikkipress

A festival-goer takes a photo with a statue of the Satyr, a type of Greek spirit that is a companion of Dionysus and is well-known for its exaggerated erection.

Image credit: bulbphotos

Penis-shaped bread is a common sight in the parade and it’s totally normal to see people swallowing it after dipping it in Bourani soup. This one below is slightly larger than usual of course.

Image credit: ccccomedy

Yes, it’s this kind of festival, just so you know. So brace yourself if you plan on attending the Bourani Festival any time soon.

Image credit: Athena Picture Agency

Taking part in these festivals will surely be an experience you’ll never forget. But we hope this article doesn’t encourage you to walk around in public with your schlongs sticking out. That isn’t cool…and you could get arrested for doing that, too. Please only try this at home.

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