Percy Jackson-Inspired Itinerary: Take A Look At This Grecian Tour!

Percy Jackson-Inspired Itinerary: Take A Look At This Grecian Tour!

Where are my fellow demigods?

Demigods unite! 

While Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter *sob* sadly don’t exist, Greece is always there for us to visit. If you’ve read through the entirety of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, and the currently ongoing Trials of Apollo, then I applaud your sharp memory and salute your dedication and love for Greek mythology.

For the unaware: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and The Heroes of Olympus are companion series starring the titular character Percy Jackson and his friends. Each series has ten books, while a spin-off series called The Trials of Apollo starring the god Apollo is currently ongoing. The first and third series mainly take place in the United States but they’re littered with an abundance of references that’ll fill your mind with a vast knowledge of Greek mythology. The Heroes of Olympus series, on the other hand, focuses on both Greek and Roman mythology. 

Now, due to popular demand, a tour company called Greek Mythology Tours now offers a Percy Jackson-inspired trip that will take you across iconic Greek landmarks with cheeky references to our beloved series. Even if you’re not a fan, the itinerary is still a good reference for any DIY Greece tour that you’re planning and a great intro to mythology. Check out their itinerary below or on their website.

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Day 1: Highlights of Athens and the Temple of Poseidon

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The first day is a visit to the famous Acropolis where the Parthenon is. There are a couple of sculptures to observe in the Parthenon, but none was more important than the lost Athena Parthenos — a chryselephantine sculpture that was a central object in The Heroes of Olympus. Now we only have inspired ornaments, paintings, and literary descriptions to remember the Athena Parthenos by. References aside, the Parthenon is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is rich in history and culture, especially because it was the centre of Athens in its heyday. 

Temple of Poseidon

The latter part of the day is spent at the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion. Naturally, this is a significant location for Percy Jackson fans because of Percy’s parentage. It’s also been thought to be a part of the sacred triangle along with the Parthenon and another nearby temple. After this stop, there’s a scheduled driving tour for the rest of the day. This offers to view the breathtaking Mediterranean, sunset watching, and a swimming activity!

Day 2: Delphi (The Oracle of Delphi)

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Yes, Delphi is a real thing. It’s an archaeological site dedicated to Apollo’s most treasured priestess named Pythia. In ancient times, Pythia was the renowned oracle of Delphi who was consulted by many and was popular for her prophecies proclaimed in the name of Apollo. Suffice to say, she was the most powerful woman in the classical world. In the books, the oracle of Delphi was reincarnated as Rachel Elizabeth Dare. The ancient sanctuary today is located along the slope of Mount Parnassus and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The tour lists down sites and museums where you will learn about myths and stories on the oracle’s power. Wouldn’t it be super interesting to hear the insightful lore that the ancient Greeks believed to be true back then?

Day 3: Corinth Canal, Epidaurus and Nafplion

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Amphitheatre of Epidaurus

The last day of the tour starts at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Epidaurus. This is a small city that was a part of Ancient Greece. Inside, you’ll find a grand amphitheatre and the famous Asklepios. This is a celebrated healing centre and a place of refuge for the ill. It’s also named after the Greek god of healing and medicine, Asclepius/Asklepios. In The Blood of Olympus, he as the demigod son of Apollo brought the dead back to life with the Physician’s Cure. The tour concludes in Nafplion, a gorgeous Greek town that really seals the Greek experience.

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There you go, a sneak peek into the Percy Jackson inspired tour! If you’re a fan, it’s high time you consider flying to Greece to personally see everything that inspired your favourite books. But if you’re just curious, your love of Greek mythology could start with this itinerary! Let’s go?

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