16 Things Japan Does Better Than Your Country

16 Things Japan Does Better Than Your Country

There are many things Japan does better than your country. Their futuristic trains, mind-blowing variety of Kit Kats and pretty cherry blossoms are just some of them.

It’s so easy to fall in love with Japan. Its astounding nature, quirky innovations, intriguing culture and architectural masterpieces play a part in attracting hoards of travellers to discover Japan.

Here are 16 things that Japan does better than your country.

1. Kit Kats

Image Credits: Jordi Sanchez Teruel

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Image Credits: Ning inSilence

In many countries, the only version of Kit Kat available is the original flavour Kit Kat that comes in its iconic red packaging. In Japan, however, Kit Kat comes in an incredible variety of flavours – matcha green tea, pear, purple sweet potato, hot japanese chilli, cinnamon cookie, blueberry cheesecake, hojicha roasted tea and more. These Japanese versions are so awesome, they’re even considered as “novelty treats” by many. Bring them home as souvenirs if you like!

2. Vending machines

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Image Credits: Josh McKible

There’s a huge variety of vending machines in Japan, with some bordering on unbelievable and ridiculous. In Japan, it seems like pretty much anything and everything can be dispensed by a vending machine.

3. Cherry blossoms

Image Credits: zaimoku_woodpile

Japan is famous for its cherry blossoms (sakura) during springtime. If you’re in Japan the time when cherry trees start to open their blossoms, you can view the blooming foliage in gardens, temples, shrines and even on the streets!

4. Trains

Image Credits: Luke Zeme

Image Credits: David McKelvey

Trains in Japan seem to belong to the future. They look so sleek, they move so fast. Shinkansen trains hit the speed of 320 kilometres per hour regularly and Japanese maglev trains can even cruise at the impressive speed of 500 kilometres per hour.

5. Love hotels

Image Credits: Anna Fischer

Japanese love hotels can satisfy every sort of strange fantasy and fetish. With themed rooms ranging from dungeons to dinosaurs, love hotels in Japan are among the kinkiest and naughtiest in Asia.

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6. Life expectancy

Image Credits: Mr Hicks46

What are the secrets to longevity? Ask the Japanese. Contributing to the high life expectancy  of Japanese people are their healthy lifestyle and diet, as well as the focus on preventive care and active aging.

7. Toilets

Image Credits: MsSaraKelly

The evolution of toilets is being taken care of – by innovators in Japan, that is. Why stop at regular toilet seats? Let’s make them heated. Why stop at manual water sprays? Let’s have remote-controlled washlets that can shoot jets of water to your bum. Because… why not?

8. Capsule hotels

Image Credit:  9 Hours Facebook page

Image Credits: Eric Montfort

The first capsule hotel opened in Osaka in 1979 and since then, the “capsule hotel” concept has been brought all around the globe. Still, those in Japan are consistently bringing fresh ideas to the table, with the conception of airplane-themed capsule hotels, and even those that bring a traditional spin by providing tatami mats as beds!

9. Fast food

In Japan, the preparation for fast food is not only fast, it is often pretty exciting to watch too. Just look at how you can get personalised instant noodles made for you! Some establishments speed up the dining process by allowing patrons to place their order using machines before even entering the store, and others divide their food production line elaborately (like in the case of this instant noodles shop).

10. Karaoke rooms

Image Credits: japanesense

Image Credits: Sebastian Bergmann

The Japanese take their karaoke establishments very seriously, and many rooms feature cutting-edge technology to bring the karaoke experience to a new level. Many establishments also provide musical instruments to play, or offer themed rooms such as those catering to anime fans.

11. Train stations

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Image Credits: rocketnews24 

A train station on a bridge some 30 metres above ground (Uzui station) and another designed in pink, as if in the running to become Japan’s hottest dating spot (Koiyamagata Staton). Japan doesn’t seem to care much for standardisation when it comes to the overall outlook of train stations. Its extensive rail network that stretches far out from concrete jungles to mountainous terrains features some very interesting and unique stations.

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12. Hygiene

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Image Credits: Sean McGrath

If there’s a worldwide flu outbreak, Japan’s a pretty good place to be. Japanese people are quick to put on their surgical masks when they’re having a flu, as it is considered common courtesy not to breathe germs to those in their vicinity. Hygiene is a virtue, and the antibacterial products industry in Japan is a multi-billion dollar one. Word of advice: when in Japan, don’t forget to put on your deodorant!

13. Napping at work

Image Credits: Héctor García

Does napping at work make your boss frown at you? Not in Japan. Workplace siestas have taken off in Japan, and an increasing number of companies are granting their employees nap time. Commercial facilities known as “napping salons” or “nap cafes” are even available around the city!

14. Animated production

Image Credits: Alkun(岸蓮)

Image Credits: Christophe LEUNG

Animated productions in Japan are top-notch. There is a line between Japanese-produced Anime and typical cartoons. Anime in Japan incorporates emotional storytelling, striking artwork and there is a broad range of genres from comedy to horror. Anime is not just for children – the sheer variety of anime puts many series in great relevance even to adults.

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15. Courtesy

Image Credits: THINK Global School

You’ve probably seen or at least heard of the traditional Japanese bow. This feature of the Japanese etiquette is a complicated one – there are some rules for the length and depth of a bow depending on the situation. Bowing is just one practice that is evidence of Japanese being the champions of courtesy.

16. Punctuality

Image Credits: John Gillespie

Not a fan of frequent train breakdowns and delays? You’ll love Japan. Japanese railways are known for keeping to its schedules, and are among the most punctual railways in the world. In the unlikely case where a delay occurs, train operators will issue apologies over the announcement system and even issue late slips to their passengers.

You can’t deny it now – Japan is awesome! If you’re planning to make a trip to Japan soon, read about how to travel to Tokyo on a budget, and take your pick from these fantastic Japan travel deals.

Any other things Japan does better than your country? Share it with me in the comments section below!

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