Japan's KitKat Now Comes In a New Edamame Milkshake Flavour

Japan’s KitKat Now Comes In a New Edamame Milkshake Flavour

It’s now exclusively available in the Sendai area of Tohoku Prefecture.

Every person who travels to Japan is almost always guaranteed to buy back KitKat without fail. KitKat may not be a Japanese snack, but that hasn’t stopped the country from producing some of the most unique KitKat flavours. These run the gamut of yam, red bean, blueberry cheesecake, sake…you name it, they have it.

Now, there’s a new flavour on the block, and it’s edamame: to be more specific, it’s a zunda shake flavoured KitKat. 

Wait, what’s zunda?

zunda shake

Image Credit: SoraNews24

Zunda is a crushed sweet soybean paste unique to Japan’s Sendai region. The paste is usually served on top of chewy glutinous balls, known to the locals as “zunda mochi”. Zunda Saryo, the company that specialises in zunda, also created a zunda shake that has become popular among locals and tourists alike (you can find their store in Tokyo’s Haneda Airport).

As the representative flavour of Sendai, it’s no coincidence then that KitKat has decided to collaborate with Zunda Saryo in coming up with a zunda KitKat flavour.

Like all KitKat flavours, the exact flavour of the zunda shake is replicated in KitKat form. Edamame powder is infused into the cream inside, while the vanilla shake is blended with the chocolate used for the exterior. Now the whole world will be able to have a taste of zunda!

So where can I get this new KitKat?

zunda shake Kitkat

Image Credit: SoraNews24

The KitKats will be sold in boxes of nine individually wrapped mini bars from 1 December for 800 yen inclusive of tax (~SGD9.99). However, do note that this new KitKat is only for sale in the Sendai region. You can find it at souvenir stores in and around Sendai Airport and Sendai Station. 

For those who want to try some zunda for themselves, Sendai Station is just two hours away from Tokyo Station by shinkansen. Sendai Station is also close to Matsushima Bay, which is recognised as one of Japan’s three most beautiful sceneries. 

So hey, as you’re sightseeing in Sendai, why not grab a zunda-flavoured KitKat too while you’re at it?

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